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Title:The Most In-Depth Wes Borland Interview Ever | Drinks With Johnny #72

This week we take a step into the warped and twisted mind of legendary guitarist Wes Borland! We talk all things Limp Bizkit - the beginnings in Jacksonville with Three Dollar Bill, Y'all, the MTV Spring Break performances, Woodstock ’99, the Australia incident, Wes’ time away from the band, the upcoming tour dates, and an update on the elusive Stampede of the Disco Elephants record. We also take a deep dive into all of Wes’ side projects. Get the full story behind the creation of GOATSLAYER, how much music they really have recorded, why you’ll probably never hear some of it, and how that project eventually evolved into Big Dumb Face. Wes also opens up about how his ego led him to create Eat The Day, and why even a producer from Pink Floyd’s The Wall couldn’t get that project off of the ground (hint: it has something to do with trying out over 150 singers…) Plus find out about the ghost in Wes’ old house, why he didn’t feel like a part of the metal community, debunking the “shade” against Avenged Sevenfold & the Deathbat comic, what the hell a white trash mimosa is, the inspiration behind Wes’ stage personas & outfits, how the Space Zebra show came to be, a great (or not-so-great) Courtney Love story, the worst guitar tech ever, plus so much more you’ll need a nice warm glass of hot dog flavored water to wash this episode down! Become a FILTHY ANIMAL and get access to exclusive content: Explore more Drinks With Johnny: Spotify:​​​​​​ Apple:​​​​​​ Google:​​​​​​ Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:​​​​​ Shop:​ The official YouTube channel of Avenged Sevenfold’s Johnny Christ. Subscribe for the latest podcasts and all things Drinks With Johnny. #DrinksWithJohnny​ #FilthyAF​ #WesBorland #LimpBizkit


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