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Title:I know a Guy in Serbia - Episode 6

Our begins in the only country that will let us in: SERBIA. Kevin reaches out to an old friend, Istok, from China who encourages him to take a flight to Belgrade, Serbia and continue the mission of songwriting on every continent in the world. Instantly the guys are back on track creating great music, making new friends, and diving into the culture of Serbia and it’s rich history. And let’s be clear we are talking about Serbia in Europe, not Siberia - that’s located in Russia! We know what you were thinking! Watch as Kevin and David take to the continent of Europe and get one step closer to completing the mission! Learn to play music in 7/8 time as Kevin writes a brand new song with Serbian songwriters. Listen to the unique instruments that are popular in traditional Serbian music. Experience the culture through it’s music, people, rakia, and ćevapi! And of course, follow along with David as he navigates the nightlife scene to try and land a concert for Kevin before time is up. What awaits is a world of pain, passion, and inspiration! So please join the @on7show as we get one step closer to completing the mission of writing 7 songs on 7 continents in 7 weeks. Don't forget to subscribe: @On7Show and @KevinKennedyiii -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT: Follow the Journey: MUSIC: - - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTERS: 00:00 Intro 01:52 Stuck in Nebraska 02:20 Arriving in Belgrade, Serbia 03:11 Meeting an Old Friend 05:10 Heading to Novi Sad 05:55 Learning 7/8 Time in Music 08:30 David Searches for a Concert Venue 10:01 Seba and Kevin start Songwriting 11:44 David looks for a Venue 12:23 Lucha sings to Kevin in a Pub 15:10 The History of Serbia 16:08 Recording Harvest Moon 18:11 Learning more about Serbia 19:34 Writing a song with Stachica 20:55 A Complicated History 21:01 Creating Music with the Paper Animals 24:00 Recording Second Guessing at Down there Studios 27:15 Skadarlija Street and Rakia 28:32 Eating at Cevapi at To Je To 31:15 Writing More Music 33:20 Recording Electric Guitar at the Music Studio 34:08 David Finds a Concert Venue for Kevin 34:55 Kevin Kennedy III plays a Concert at Blues and Pivo Bar 36:57 Coffee Break to Plan out Music Video 39:08 Credits --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS: Executive Producers: David Maass | Kevin Kennedy III Director: Kevin Kennedy III Editing: Marijan Rubesa | KevinKennedyiii Cinematographer: Istok Radovanov Sound Designers: Sebastijan Kerekes | Kevin Kennedy III | Zoran Radovanov Supervising Sound Editor: Sebastijan Kerekes Sound Rerecording Mixer and Sound Editor: Marko Peric Graphic Designers: Gustav Broms | Kevin Kennedy III Color: Dusan Bartolovic Cast: David Maass | Kevin Kennedy III | Sebastijan Kerekeš | Damjan Jovanović | Istok Radovanov | Jovana Perović | Nenad Božić | Marija Stojanović | Anastasija Knežević | Miloš Labović | Mirka Kešelj | Maja StojanoVić | Jovana Barać | Jelena Andjelković | Nikola Radivojević | Darko Pasujević | Uroš Milkić | Rade Radovan | Nada Radovan | Radmila Radovan | Ukašin Rankov | Nikolina Marković | Dragan Bjekić | Milorad Kukić | Zmije Thank you to everyone who has helped and blessed us along the way!


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