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Title:PageSpeed Insights Tutorial

A complete PageSpeed Insights Tutorial for achieving maximum performance on your site. I accidentally became somewhat of an expert on PageSpeed Insights on my quest to find a the FASTEST platform (site generator + theme) for web sites for my next couple of side projects which will be targeting organic google search traffic as an acquisition channel. So I thought I would share that information with everyone. If this is not something you would like to see on my channel let me know in the comments. Thanks! 0:00 Introduction 0:20 What is Google PageSpeed Insights? 0:33 Why is it Important? (Core Web Vitals Update) 1:55 PageSpeed Insights Tutorial 2:29 How to Use PageSpeed Insights (Part 1) 2:48 Understanding the Results (Overview) 3:00 Mobile vs. Desktop 3:15 Page Speed Insights vs lighthouse 5:11 Understanding Results (In Detail) 5:16 Core Web Vitals 7:05 Page Speed Insights “This URL” vs “Origin” 9:05 Why to Focus on Mobile Tab 9:40 Using the Performance Audit 11:46 Using the Other Audits 12:12 How to Use Page Speed Insights (Part 2) 12:12 Improving Core Web Vitals and SEO 12:38 Improving On Site & On Page SEO 12:46 Speed Up Wordpress Website 14:13 PageSpeed Insights Limitations Sources Cited in the Video: __________________________________________________ Google’s Roll Out Timeline for User Experience Ranking update: 24% More Traffic when Optimizing Core Web Vitals Breeze Plugin Installation. At 3:18 Nitropack test at 4:26


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