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Title:Co-star Secrets Ft. Shivangi Joshi & Kushal Tandon | Barsatein

Join us as we delve into an exclusive interview with Shivangi Joshi and Kushal Tandon, offering a deeper understanding of their on-screen chemistry and off-screen camaraderie. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the phenomenal TV celebrities Shivangi Joshi and Kushal Tandon, who recently shared the screen in the popular show "Barsatein." Get ready to uncover intriguing co-star secrets as they reveal fascinating details about each other! From their favorite qualities about one another to the things that sometimes irritate them, we leave no stone unturned. Discover who throws more tantrums, who is never satisfied with just one take, and much more. This exclusive interview brings you closer to the behind-the-scenes dynamics of Shivangi Joshi and Kushal Tandon during the filming of "Barsatein." Share this video with fellow fans of Shivangi Joshi and Kushal Tandon, and let us know in the comments which co-star secret surprised you the most. Also, feel free to suggest other celebrities you'd like us to feature in future segments. If you're a fan of "Barsatein" or these talented actors, this segment is a must-watch. Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel India Forums to stay updated with all the latest interviews and exclusive content. 🔔 Subscribe for more videos just like this: FOLLOW US ON OTHER PLATFORMS =============================== 👥 - FACEBOOK: 🐦 - TWITTER: 📸 - IG: #ShivangiJoshi #KushalTandon #Barsatein #ExclusiveInterview #CoStarSecrets #BehindTheScenes #OnScreenChemistry


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