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Title:We Make Earthen Stove | @HumDoPremi

#earthenstove #howtomakeclaystove #villagevlog Hi there! I welcome you to my YouTube Channel Hum Dono PM. Watching movie is easier than filming. Kaju and I making clay stove in the evening. Thanks for watching and reading. God Bless You! 🙏 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🙂 Life is really precious live it at the fullest. Don’t live your life on others conditions make your conditions and live it. As I see this world and people, we all are busy with our life. We have forgotten everything except earning money or chasing success. There are various world in this universe. But we know either only one or two. But every moment and whatever you see that’s a different world. I believe if there is heaven somewhere on the planets it is here on the earth. Everything here is so exquisite either giant or tiny thing. I try to shoot everything. We all are the creation of God either animals, insects or any other alive or dead things that’s why I shot a video of dogs. Once in a year dog has mating season. I have shot some clips of that. In my all videos I show you either fields greenery or about village life style. India is full of various customs and rituals. Similarly my village is also fully packed with various stuff and culture. I make videos as: slow motion videos and cinematic videos. I love to shoot videos. This is my passion to capture all kinds of videos and scenes. I request to all my friends kindly keep showering your love on my videos. If you really like my video kindly share and subscribe. I will be very pleased and obliged to you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Village vlogger Fog in the village Cinematic videos Vlogs Vlog videos Village life Village life style Indian vlogs Indian village Indian vlogger Village life style Comedy Entertainment Fun Village fun Village funny people Beautiful village Subscribe Like Share Village streets Village sports Adventure in village Village comedy About village Village life in India Village lifestyle Village farmers Indian farmers Village breakfast Village lunch Village dinner Evening beauty in village Beautiful evening Beautiful village Village culture Village customs Uttar Pradesh village Cow milking Cow’s calf’s A day in village A night in village An afternoon in village Morning in village Village mourning routine Village evening routine Village foods Milk in village Family Vlog Husband wife vlogs Husband wife Rural life Rain in village Monsoon in village Rain bath Tubewell bath Monkey in the village ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Music by: YouTube free music library Shot by: iPhone 11 and GoPro 7 Black Instagram Id: HumDonoPM


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