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Title:Battle for B.F.D.I. - Season 4a (All Episodes)

Want to watch the Full Season of Battle for Battle for Dream Island? Look no further! This cartoon compilation has All Episodes of the pre-split fourth season of BFDI, BFB! Watch as sixty-four characters battle to win "a BFDI" from two strange, alien number creatures, in an elimination-centric animated series! Subscribe to see new videos of Four, X, Pen, Black Hole, Flower, Donut, Golf Ball, and everyone else, as soon as they come out! Created by Cary Huang & Michael Huang Check the full credits of each episode! If you'd like to help support jacknjellify make videos, click here! GET THE OFFICIAL FIREY PLUSH: Source files: Twitter: 0:00:00 Episode 1: Getting Teardrop to Talk 0:28:08 Episode 2: Lick Your Way to Freedom 0:38:02 Episode 3: Why Would You Do This on a Swingset 0:50:30 Episode 4: Today's Very Special Episode 1:02:48 Episode 5: Fortunate Ben 1:13:07 Episode 6: Four Goes Too Far 1:25:03 Episode 7: The Liar Ball You Don't Want 1:35:43 Episode 8: Questions Answered 1:46:25 Episode 9: This Episode Is About Basketball 1:53:24 Episode 10: Enter the Exit 2:04:49 Episode 11: Get to the Top in 500 Steps 2:14:15 Episode 12: What Do You Think of Roleplay? 2:25:38 Episode 13: Return of the Rocket Ship 2:48:13 Episode 14: Don't Dig Straight Down 3:11:24 Episode 15: The Four is Lava 3:26:51 Episode 16: The Escape from Four BFB 17: TPOT 1: Battle for Dream Island. Battle for Dream Island Again. IDFB. And now, Battle for BFDI. BFB 12 Establishing Riff by Stagecast Software, Inc "treasure chest" recommended by ORANGE D. Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod and Tchaikovsky


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