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Title:How A Job Scam Turned Me Into A Scammer. I'm Still Seeking Justice

Malaysian Bilce Tan was in a car on the way to what he thought was a business development role in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Then he realised he was a hostage - and was forced to scam people for a living. It was only through a miracle that he managed to escape. But months after returning to Malaysia, he's found no closure. The ordeal has left him with a broken family, little money, and a law suit hanging over his head. All this because he thought "Malaysians won't cheat Malaysians". Bilce wants justice, but so far, no investigation has been launched against the Penang company that hired - and tricked - him. This is his harrowing story. 00:00 Introduction: Forced to become a scammer in Cambodia 00:34 Finding the job on Job Street and why I thought it was a legitimate job offer 03:02 Realising I was getting scammed, but it was too late 04:49 Strict rules inside the scam compound 06:20 My job as a scammer 08:13 Scammers work in teams with sophisticated IT support 08:51 How scammers get victims to fall for them 10:47 Our actions inside the scam HQ are closely monitored 11:45 Gathering evidence so that I can expose the scam operation 12:21 How calling for help nearly got me killed 15:51 Escaping Cambodia and making police reports 16:47 Back in Malaysia, the threats and harassments continue 18:59 Left with a broken family 19:59 What CNA Insider found when we tried to visit the company that hired Bilce 20:52 What Musa Hassan (former Inspector General of the Royal Malaysia Police) thinks the police should do For more, SUBSCRIBE to CNA INSIDER! Follow CNA INSIDER on: Instagram: Facebook: Website:


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