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Title:Is Cow Milk Good for You? Dr. Steven Gundry's Best Milks for Your Health

Ditch the Dairy! Unveiling the Best & Worst Milks for Your Health! In this revealing episode, we break down the good, the bad, and the downright surprising in the world of milk. ———————————————————————— Preorder Dr. Gundry’s latest book “Gut Check” here: From regular milk packed with inflammatory A1 to the glyphosate bomb in oat milk, we're shedding light on the culprits that might be impacting your health. No stone is left unturned as we investigate the potential downsides of cashew, pea, rice, almond, and raw milk. But fear not, there's a twist in the raw milk tale that may surprise you! learn about a1 milk vs a2 milk, for those of you on the raw milk diet, are there benefits in raw milk? The tools to live a long and healthy life delivered straight to your inbox! SIGN UP for Dr. Gundry's newsletter here: If you liked this, you may enjoy: Stop Wasting Your Money on These 7 USELESS Supplements! Fish Oil Benefits: The Game-Changing Reason Why Fish Oil is a Must! Unlock the YES list, featuring the goodness of walnut, hazelnut, and the marvel of macadamia milk. But a word of caution—be a savvy buyer and ensure your nut milk isn't hiding inflammatory ingredients. We're also spilling the beans on coconut, sheep, and goat milk. You won't want to miss this one! ———————————————————————— Preorder Dr. Gundry’s latest book “Gut Check” here: Dr. Gundry is the author of The Plant Paradox - A New York Times Bestselling book. Please subscribe to The Dr. Gundry Podcast to learn more about Polyphenols, Leaky Gut, Lectins, and other essential information.


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