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Title:YOU WON'T BELIEVE how this DOG looks after shaving all these dreadlocks

πŸ”΅ NEW CHANNEL - Groom House Beauty🐩 πŸ”΅ Visit our website: ----------------------------------- πŸ”΅ Watch the UPDATE VIDEO OF THIS DOG: ----------------------------------- πŸ”΅ TOP 3 Grooming Neglected Dogs: 3M Views Black Shepherds: 12M Views White Maltese: 4M Views White Puli: πŸ”΅ TOP 3 - Deshedding Dogs: Newfoundland: Husky: Rough Collie: πŸ”΅ TOP 3 Nice Haircuts: King Charles Cocker: Bichon Frise: Golden Doodle: ___________________________________________ πŸ”΅ How to groom a dog? ----------------------------------- πŸ”΄ Read before commenting. We DID NOT put him back on the street. You can see his new home in the background, at the beginning and at the end of the video. Lady who adopted him didn't want to be recorded, but trust me, she met him with food and a huge smile. Sorry for not being enough clear in the video. ----------------------------------- πŸ”΅If you want collaboration, you can contact us. Visit our website: πŸ”΅All rights reserved Groom House Production ©️ ----------------------------------- πŸ”΅ Became a member of this channel and support us: πŸ”΅ You can also click on the button ''Super Thanks'' and support our work! ----------------------------------- πŸ”΄ Chapters: 0:00 Intro 06:14 The tail 08:48 Bath time 11:14 HOW TO REMOVE A TICK 11:47 Shaving again 13:30 Paws and nails 15:12 Scissors 17:23 Final result YOU WON'T BELIEVE how this DOG looks after shaving all these dreadlocks


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