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Title:India Boils as Temperatures Hit 50C. Is it too Hot to Survive? | Vantage with Palki Sharma

India Boils as Temperatures Hit 50C. Is it too Hot to Survive? | Vantage with Palki Sharma India is sizzling amid severe heatwaves. Temperatures in the state of Rajasthan have crossed 50 degrees Celsius. Jammu and Kashmir are witnessing an unprecedented heatwave. Cooler states are facing record-heat. But this is not limited to India. Intense heat is stifling the globe this year. The Southern Hemisphere faces an unusually warm winter. Meanwhile, Asia and Africa are the worst hit as the Northern Hemisphere witnesses a record-breaking hot summer. In parts of Pakistan, temperatures are rising above 52 degrees Celsius. Is it normal for the human body to stand such extreme heat? How hot is too hot? Also, how does heat affect the human body? What can we do to beat the heat? Palki Sharma tells you. --- India | Heat Wave | Pakistan | Climate Change | Myanmar | Thailand | Bangladesh | El-Nino | Firstpost | World News | News Live | Vantage | Palki Sharma | News #heatwave #india #pakistan #firstpost #vantageonfirstpost #palkisharma #worldnews Vantage is a ground-breaking news, opinions, and current affairs show from Firstpost. Catering to a global audience, Vantage covers the biggest news stories from a 360-degree perspective, giving viewers a chance to assess the impact of world events through a uniquely Indian lens. The show is anchored by Palki Sharma, Managing Editor, Firstpost. By breaking stereotypes, Vantage aims to challenge conventional wisdom and present an alternative view on global affairs, defying the norm and opening the door to new perspectives. The show goes beyond the headlines to uncover the hidden stories – making Vantage a destination for thought-provoking ideas. Vantage airs Monday to Friday at 9 PM IST on Firstpost across all leading platforms. ​ Subscribe to Firstpost channel and press the bell icon to get notified when we go live. Follow Firstpost on Instagram: Follow Firstpost on Facebook: Follow Firstpost on Twitter: Follow Firstpost on WhatsApp:


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