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my new video essay channel: Stream my new single, "THE BLUE PT. II" my awesome website with all my social/music links: ----- maybe the real SQUID GAMES❗❗ were the friends we made along the way ----- follow me on social media: instagram: twitter: follow michelle!: SOURCES: The two videos I mentioned: Kuncan Dastner: "MrBeast's Squid Game Video Is Both Good And Bad" - Ro Ramdin: "Mister Beast's Squid Game: A Critique?" - ----- CHAPTERS: 00:00 - INTRODUCTION 03:04 - TITLE SEQUENCE 03:45 - [PART 1] COLORS 08:08 - [PART 2] RED 11:44 - [PART 3] COOL COLORS 16:35 - [PART 3.5] PURPLE 18:37 - [PART 4] YELLOW/GOLD 23:41 - [PART 4.5] THE VIP'S AND THE BIBLE 26:59 - [PART 4.75] BACK TO YELLOW 28:59 - [PART 5] BLACK & WHITE 36:48 - EPILOGUE 44:44 - OUTRO ----- in this video / video essay / analysis i talked about squid game, the popular korean netflix show, and how it uses various colors (colour/colours if you're not american) to relay story elements and character traits. i am extremely late to the party with this video because i had to adjust to being able to do college exams and videos at the same time; a struggle the pandemic has helped me avoid until this point lol. but! i am not the only one in this boat, as a lot of people are still uploading squid game videos, especially a lot of k*ds content (which i find really terrifying i won't lie) that includes poppy playtime, among us, five nights at freddy's, and friday night funkin characters interpolated into them. regardless there's also that review youtuber chris stuckman who finally watched squid game, so i hope u boost my v*ews chris xoxo. william osman just dropped a squid game vid too so that's cool. also the screen actor's guild (SAG) or mtvawards and baftas and smth else awards are happening soon so hopefully some of the actors win. i know Anupam Tripathi aka Ali Abdul is nominated, but idk about Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun, Park Hae-soo as Cho Sang-woo, Wi Ha-joon, HoYeon Jung as Kang Sae-byeok, O Yeong-su as Oh Il-nam, Heo Sung-tae as Jang Deok-su, Lee Yoo-mi as Ji-yeong and Kim Joo-ryoung as Han Mi-nyeo. the show also just recently got nominated for the emmys !! so that's exciting. also shoutout to the people that make scenepacks (idk what twixtor means but), you have been invaluable in the process of making this video. a lot of other videos do this whole like ending explained type thing which is fine i just thought since i like to do visual analyses this would be more fun and cool. the only real explanations we can get are in squid game season 2 (two). there have also been a lot of memes from squid game such as squid games!!, how roaches be looking at you..., the dalgona licking game, etc. speaking of games the show has a few major setpieces, such as red light green light, the dalgona game ofc, tug of war, glass bridge, ddakji, and marbles. mr beast recreated these in his $456,000 squid game video which i discuss in my video as well. other youtuber recreations include anthpo and penguinz0 aka moistcr1tikal which i enjoyed watching. i think james charles and the dobre brothers did some too but i didn't watch them besides in commentary videos. they are only here for cl*ckb*it. anyways i put an obscene amount of effort into making this video, and a lot more time than i previously have into scripting and editing. so smash like if you're reading this, comment "squid games!! poggers" if you read this. thank ya love ya stay safe, have a nice march coming soon! ----- Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Please don't sue me! ----- Intractable by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Source: Artist: ----- #arjeshh #squidgame #squidgames


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