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Title:OSI Model | OSI Model Explained | OSI Animation | OSI Model in easiest Way | OSI 7 Layers

#osi #OSIModel #Networking Hello Friends, In this Video tutorial We will Learn OSI layers in a computer network Or computer network layers, We will try to understand OSI Model, OSI reference model or open system interconnection model or networking model including Application Layer, Presentation Layer, Session Layer, Transport Layer, Network Layer, Data Link Layer and Physical layer. I will try to clear your concept regarding OSI Model Definition, Function, and use. Protocols in computer network layers of OSI model. OSI Model defines and is used to understand. How data is transferred from one computer to another in a computer network? In the most basic form, where two computers connected to each other with LAN Cable and RJ45 connectors sharing data with the help of Network Card forms a network. But if one computer is based on Microsoft Windows and the other one has MAC OS installed, then how these two computers are going to communicate with each other? In order to accomplish successful communication between computers or networks of different architectures, 7-layered OSI Model or Open System Interconnection Model was introduced by the International Organization for Standardization in 1984. OSI model contain Application Layer, Presentation Layer, Session Layer, Transport layer, Network Layer, Data Link Layer & Physical Layer. Open system interconnection model, osi model, what is osi model, explain osi model, osi model lecture, define osi model, osi model in networking, how data is transferred in internet, network security, osi reference model, osi model in hindi, osi 7 layers, 7 layers of osi model, osi stack, application layer, presentation layer, session layer, transport layer, network layer, data link layer, physical layer. what is osi model, osi model, osi layers, osi, OSI, 7 layers of osi model, network layer, osi network model, 7 layers of networking, osi reference model, ip layers, osi model layer, osi 7 layer, osi model explained, m osi, network layer, iso osi, ip layers, osi model, osi model explained, osi model animation, the osi model, osi model English, application layer in osi model,osi model troubleshooting, osi layers, osi model 7 layers, osi model 7 layers explained, presentation layer, presentation layer in osi model, session layer, session layer in osi model, transport layer, transport layer in osi model, transport layer protocols, network layer, network layer protocols, layers of osi model, layers of osi model explained, layers of osi model and their functions , Datalink layer, protocols, Physical layer, Application layer, open systems interconnection model, tcp, media access control, data link layer, network osi model, network layer in osi model, osi model has how many layers,


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