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Title:The Crowning Of My Ministry || William Branham

For prayer, questions and inquiries concerning the content published on this channel please reach out on WhatsApp, +254706631299 [Sermon] 62-0908 — Present Stage Of My Ministry By William Branham Highlighted Quotes: 114 So, you see, it’s at that time when men forsake men, God’s servants that stay true to the Word, that God seals their ministry with a crowning time.     62-0908 — Present Stage Of My Ministry 121 Well, all men has forsaken me, but there’s one thing, He stood by me!…?…I’m not, I wasn’t disobedient to the Heavenly vision that happened down there on the river. I’ve stayed true to it. He’s been true to me. I’m trusting in Him, someday, I don’t know when, for a crowning of my ministry. I’ve stayed just as true as I could be. I don’t know what it’ll be. I don’t know when it’ll be. And I, just when He’s ready, I am. I don’t care. I hope He will crown my ministry of this, of letting me take the clothes of the Word, and dress His Bride in the clothe of the Word, and for His righteousness. I hope He will crown me, let me stand on that day, say, “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.”     62-0908 — Present Stage Of My Ministry     Rev. William Marrion Branham #williammarrionbranham #WilliamBranham​ #VoiceofGod​ #TheMessageOfTheHour #satan #eden #EndTimeMessage #believerstestimonies


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