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Title:Best Software For Hard Surface Modeling

In today's video, we bring up 3D classics! We'll highlight the best software for hard surface modeling over the years. 00:00 intro 00:30 3DsMax 01:50 Blender 03:38 ZBrush 05:27 Modo 06:55 Maya 07:38 Plasticity Hard Surface Blender Addons: Kit Ops 2 Pro: Hard Ops: Fluent: Box cutter: Mesh Machine: Cablerator: shipwright: Hard Surface Maya Plugins: Cable: ModIt: PlugIt: StampIt: BrickIt: Visit our Website ► CG Vortex (3D News) ► 2D Channel ► Game dev Channel ► Archviz Channel ► Facebook page ► CHECK OUT THESE AMAZING BLENDER ADDONS ► MODELING► Kit Ops 2 Pro: Hard Ops: Fluent: Box cutter: Mesh Machine: Cablerator: shipwright: VEGETATION ► Geo-Scatter: Botaniq Tree Addon: Tree Vegetation: Grassblade: Forestation: Gardner: MATERIALS & TEXTURING ► Sanctus Library: Realtime Materials(Ducky3D): Decalmachine: Extreme Pbr: Fluent Materializer: Material Library Materialiq: Bpainter: Clay Doh: Terrain Generation► True Terrain: Nodescapes: ArchViz & Rendering► Construction Lines: CityBuilder 3D: K-cycles: SIMULATIONS & DYNAMICS ► Flip fluids: Carl's Physics: RBDLab Addon: Khaos: CLOTH SIMULATION ► Simply Cloth: Simply Micro Mesh Simply Material: RIGGING & ANIMATION ► Human Generator: Auto-Rig Pro: Faceit: Animax: voxel heat diffuse skinning: Animation Layers: X-Muscle System: UV UNWRAPPING ► Zen Uv: Uv Toolkit: Uvpackmaster: Clouds & Atmosphere►: Cloudscapes : Real Cloud: Physical Starlight And Atmosphere: Physical celestial Objects True-Sky 2.1 | Beta: Pure-Sky Pro: Alt Tab Easy Fog: Productivity►: Clean Panels Memsaver: Drag & drop import: Auto-Highlight In Outliner: Instant Clean: Asset Libraries: True Assets: Poly Haven: Car Transportation: Car - Traffiq Library: SCULPTING ► Sculpt+Paint Wheel: Speed Sculpt: RETOPOLOGY ► Retopoflow: SCRIPTING ► Serpens 3: ►►► Blender Courses ►►► Cinematic lighting in Blender Blender Market: Gumroad: Toanimate: Blender Animation Course PostPro Blender Market: Photogrammetry Course Blender Market: Gumroad: Human: Create realistic Characters Blender Market: Alive: Ultimate Character animation Course Blender Market: Gumroad: The Art of Affective Rigging Blender Market: Gumroad: Real-time Motion Graphics Blender Market: Best Blender Course Creators: Blender Bros ► CG Boost ► CG Cookie ► DISCLAIMER ► Some links here are affiliate links that help us create more content. Thanks in advance for using our links


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