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Get 1 extra month of Migaku access for free by signing up using my reflink: Check out Migaku on YouTube: In this video, I'll be covering how to perform sentence mining, which is a must know method for learning new words, grammar, and nearly everything else for the language you want to learn. I'm using Japanese as an example in this video, but these concepts can be applied to any language, with some of adjustments. This video is a part of my guide on how to learn Japanese (or any language): EPISODES - PART 1 (General Guide): - PART 2 (Anki): - PART 3 (Sentence Mining): (This video) - PART 4 (Immersion): RESOURCES: - Anki: - Migaku: - Youglish: - ShareX: - ShareX audio shortcut, etc: - Subadub (Firefox, search for the Chrome one): - Jisho Lookup (Firefox, search for a Chrome one): - Yomichan + guide to setup: - Example Custom Note Type Deck (import it and you import the note type as well): - Pastebin to note type card front: - Kitsunekko for subtitles: - MPV: - Mpvacious: - DeskPins: - jpdb: - Clip to a question about my Migaku setup: - VOD of my sentence mining: - Subs2srs - Empty page for your clipboard: - Clipboard inserter for firefox:, just search for a Chrome version. Migaku has a built-in clipboard inserter as well. - Spreadsheet for Japanese content: Japanese YouTubers seen through the video: - Seto Koji: - Inakamon: - PiroPito: - ダンダス: - ローズウルフ: - こばムービー: - バーバパパ: - NAOMI CLUB: - RRRtoXXX: - List of Japanese Ted Talks: - Painting Restore GTl: - Earth Forest Movement: - よりめのはちくん: MUSIC: Dmitry Efimov - Arctic Ice Wi-Fi Menu - Mario Kart Wii TrackTribe - Running Errands Animal Crossing City Folk Music - 12 AM Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Fortaleza Esther Abrami - No.1 A Minor Waltz Seto Koji - Hawaii Lessons TrackTribe - Smokey's Lounge TrackTribe -'Busy City Topher Mohr and Alex Elena - Vespers Huge thanks to Seto Koji for allowing me to use his music! Seto Koji Main Channel: Seto Koji SoundCloud: CHAPTERS: 00:00 Welcome 00:25 What is sentence mining? 1:10 Card type that I'll be making 2:25 How I sentence mine with Migaku 5:10 How I used to sentence mine 5:50 ShareX 6:20 Sentence Mining from Netflix (no Migaku) 8:10 Anki Note Types 11:55 Sentence Mining from Local Files (no Migaku) 14:50 Mass Exporting Cards 16:10 Sentence Mining from YouTube (no Migaku) 17:23 What's the Best Sentence Mining Method? 19:15 What Words/Sentences Should You Mine? 25:21 Should You Mine Sentences With Multiple New Words? 26:10 What Kind of Content Should You Mine? 27:40 What About Mining Text-Based Content? 28:04 My Current Sentence Mining Plans 28:35 Where To Find Content For Mining? 29:30 Finding Content On YouTube 30:44 Final Thoughts + When Can You Start Sentence Mining? 31:23 Outro ________________________________ Patreon: Migaku reflink (1 extra month for free + support the channel): Twitter: Twitch: Discord: Second Channel:


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