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Title:Managing the Freeze Response: Dissociation, Emotional Shutdown, and Creating Safety | Being Well

What do dissociation, avoidance, and shutdown all have in common? They’re connected to the “freeze” response to stress. In one of my favorite episodes to date, Dr. Rick joins me to explore the freeze response in detail. We talk about what stress responses are, how they impact our behavior, and why different people tend to default to different coping strategies. I explain what freezing looks like in practice, and why the freeze response can be particularly difficult to navigate. Rick then shares a number of helpful strategies for working with the freeze response, including strengthening self-confidence, and the feeling of ourselves as someone who can create safety. Towards the end of the episode we discuss managing these tendencies in a relationship. Key Topics: 0:00 Introduction 0:55 Understanding stress responses 9:05 Asking if your stress response serves your relationships 15:35 Why it's hard to see that you're freezing 19:20 Dissociation, and what freezing looks like in practice 24:25 Steps of moving through dissociation 29:45 Self-awareness, ‘global’ conditioning, and unconditional positive regard 38:20 How Rick would work with someone who freezes: a case study 53:55 Seeing yourself as a source of safety 1:03:30 Recap Offer from Dr. Rick: If you'd like to improve your self-worth, check out Rick's new 4-hour, live online workshop. You'll learn methods and practices that can actually change your brain and your habits, so you start nurturing your sense of worth and belonging. Our listeners can get 20% off with coupon code BeingWell20. Subscribe to Being Well on: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Who Am I: I'm Forrest, the co-author of Resilient ( and host of the Being Well Podcast ( I'm making videos focused on simplifying psychology, mental health, and personal growth. I'm not a clinician, and what I say on this channel should not be taken as medical advice. You can follow me here: 🎤 🌍 📸


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