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Title:How to Dictate a Book: The ULTIMATE Guide

In this video (as part of the 2023 AuthorTube Writing Conference), I’ll be covering how to dictate a book. Dictation for authors is a hot topic, and apps like Dragon helping writers double their word counts and productivity, you should consider it. I’ll cover the benefits of dictation, how to get started, and how to overcome the most common roadblocks. TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Intro 0:45 About Michael La Ronn 1:49 Overview 3:20 Why should you dictate? 7:19 Disclaimers 8:26 Choosing the right equipment for dictation 10:48 Choosing the right app for dictation 18:44 What you need to know about Dragon 22:14 Dictating on your phone 24:30 Dictating (and transcribing) with a voice recorder 26:59 The pros and cons of different dictation styles 31:21 Common roadblocks with dictation 33:32 How dictate cleanly and avoid tons of editing 40:40 A neat trick to help you with editing 42:27 Apps to help you edit dictated text quickly and cheaply 45:40 Recap 47:09 My book on dictation + other helpful resources for you 48:16 Bonus Round Q&A 49:03 What is Michael's dictation setup and equipment? 50:41 What does Michael think about various services? 51:15 I don't like the sound of my voice. How do I get over it? 52:48 Can I dictate while driving? 54:14 Will editors charge more for dictated text? 55:19 What about voice-activated voice recorders? 56:06 What about paying for a human transcriptionist instead of using an app? 57:02 Any secret Dragon tips? 58:21 Wrap and thank you πŸ“šLink to my book and other resources: βš™ Get my dictation gear: πŸ’» Paul Beverley Macros: ✏️ Get FREdit by Paul Beverley: All stock media in this presentation was sourced from DepositPhotos. All product photos of specific products are official product photos from the manufacturers. No AI Art was used in the making of this presentation. WATCH MORE 2023 AUTHORTUBE WRITING CONFERENCE VIDEOS: 🌐 AWC Website: ⏩ 2023 AWC Playlist: πŸ“ 2023 AWC Feedback Form (to enter GIVEAWAYS!): Like this content? Join the Author Level Up Fan Club to get your FREE Writing Craft Playbook so you can write like the top 1% of authors:


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