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Title:How To Be A Productivity Ninja | Graham Allcott | Talks at Google

Are you drowning in information overload? Is your inbox a leviathan full of gremlins? Do you disappear down a rabbit hole of social media just when you need to focus? The London Talks team kicked off 2019 off with the aim of helping you worry less and achieve more. Productivity expert Graham Allcott joined us to discuss how to work smarter, manage projects with aplomb, and tame your inbox. ** About the book ** Help is at hand with the unique tools in this book: a mindset of Zen-Like Calm, Ruthlessness, Weapon-savviness, Stealth and Camouflage, Unorthodoxy, Agility, Mindfulness and Preparedness. How to be a Productivity Ninja will give you the skills to work smarter, manage projects with aplomb, tame your inbox – and it will even make you laugh. Best of all, to be a Productivity Ninja you don’t have to become a superhero (although these tools, applied, can sometimes give people the impression that you are). And when it comes to your smartphone, with the insights in this book you can, well, outsmart it. Author Graham Allcott developed these tools to deal with his own overwhelm as head of a small non-profit organisation. Since 2009 he has taught time-keeping to the Swiss, efficiency to the Germans, Zen to a Japanese bank and Microsoft Outlook to the Bill and Melissa Gates foundation. Tens of thousands of people have used the systems in his book and found themselves worrying less, getting more done, and enjoying their work again. This new edition is completely updated to include all the latest technological innovations (and potential time wasters). Book on Google Play: (with free sample)


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