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Title:His daughter was kidnapped and now he is taking revenge for her / Hollywood English Action Film

His daughter was kidnapped and now he is taking revenge for her / Hollywood English Action Film "Betrayed" is an exciting crime thriller set in Detroit. The town's mayor, frustrated and angry with the mafia, decides to cut off all business ties with the Russian criminal group after young women start disappearing and are later found drugged and dead. The best police detectives are assigned to investigate these heinous crimes. As they begin to gather evidence and uncover a network of criminal schemes, the Russian mafia decides to take drastic action to force the mayor to return to cooperation. They kidnap his adult daughter, using her as leverage. The film masterfully conveys the atmosphere of tension and desperation as the mayor and detectives face the relentless power of the mafia. The main character is forced to maneuver between politics and personal feelings, trying to save his daughter and protect the city. The tension builds with each scene, and the detectives must unravel a tangle of betrayals and intrigues to find and free the trinianpal411 mayor's daughter before it's too late. Action / Crime / Thriller Director - Harley Wallen Writer - Harley Wallen Stars - John Savage, Richard Tyson, Billy Wirth We welcome you to the "Kettle movie" - a place where every viewing becomes an exciting journey into the most diverse worlds of cinema. Here we open the curtain and lead you into the most vivid emotional impressions, unfolding before you a wide selection of films of the most diverse genres. Drive and Action, Fiction and Fantasy, Drama and Adventure, Comedy and Satire, Romance and Melodrama, Action movies and Thrillers, Science Fiction, Detectives and Crime, Family and Animation Don't forget to subscribe, like and share your impressions in the comments. Join our movie mystery, and together we will make your movie viewing unsurpassed!


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