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Title:Kariakoo Bazaar Market Dar Es Salaam Tanzania Africa - History, Architecture, Prices

Kariakoo Bazaar Market Dar Es Salaam Tanzania Africa - History, Architecture, Prices In this video you will learn the Kariakoo Bazaar history, Architecture and of course, the legendary prices. You will also see the prices of fruit and vegetables in this area. Over 200 years ago, a German businessman bought 200 hectares of land in this area. He then rented the land to Africans. After that, Dar Es Salaam grew. In around 1913 about 50% of the population of Dar Es Salaam lived in this area. A year later, in 1914, the Germans decided to turn the area into a town. Concrete houses were built for the locals and Kariakoo Bazaar area was established. Then, in 1916, the British conquered and used the area for its military. The name, 'Kariakoo' comes from a British Carrier Corps that used to be based in the area. In 1974, local Architect, BJ Amuli designed and restructured the Market. The 24 large tree shaped roof funnels and columns allow rainwater to be caught and captured in underground water tanks. The large opening at the around the sides allow natural ventilation so the air circulation keeps the interior nice and cool. The funny thing about the building is that the actual market is not inside the building. Its actually immediately around and spans several blocks. So the building acts like a vacuum for specialized commercial goods. African markets are normally under trees. So Mr. Amuli, designed the trees out of concrete. Which also gives shoppers a welcoming experience. So, the ground floor and first floor has specialized goods. As appose to the fruit and veg outside. Chapters: 0:00 Kariakoo Market 0:54 History of Kariakoo Market 1:34 BJ Amuli Architect of Kariakoo Architecture 2:12 Inside Kariakoo Market Architecture 2:42 Looking for Kariakoo water tanks in basement 3:11 Shown around the basement Kariakoo building 3:43 Kariakoo Market Prices of fruit and vegetables πŸ”΄ Subscribe for more free content like this: βœ… Share this video with a friend: βœ… MORE VIDS IN TANZANIA: βœ… DRONE VIDEOS: βœ… RECOMMENDED CHINA PLAYLIST SERIES: βœ… RECOMMENDED PHILIPPINES PLAYLIST SERIES:: βœ… Let’s connect: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Music in this video by: Epidemic Sounds __ Russell is a Chartered RIBA Architect from the UK living and working in Tanzania. You can subscribe if you like:


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