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Title:Shaktimaan 2D Animation Hindi Ep#03

Shaktimaan: The Greatest Cyber Yogic Hero Episode 03 - “Fuels Rush In” When Professor Gyani develops a super fuel for the army, Kilvish has Tick & Tock highjack and army tanker truck containing the fuel and pour a virus in which brings the fuel to life! Then Tick & Tock pump the fuel into a gas station where it spreads to gas tanks throughout the city. When Bumpy buys his first used car he fills it up at the same gas station. Now Bumpy’s car is spewing deadly living oil over the city along with dozens of other cars. The oily slicks come together and form a giant oily blob telepathically controlled by Kilvish who guides it toward the port. If it reaches the oil pipeline it will spread the virus-contaminated oil to the oil tankers...and the world! Shaktimaan, who has been practicing a special yogic technique to move his awareness into objects, goes “into” the oil blob with his mind and discovers Kilvish’s virus. Then, as Vehaan, he returns to lab and develops an antivirus with Professor Gyani. He returns to the port as Shaktimaan and delivers the virus, neutralizing the oil monster before it can contaminate the world’s oil supply. only on "Bheeshm International" YouTube channel। देखिए पूरा वीडियो। For Latest updates Follow us on:- INSTA ID-@iammukeshkhanna Link:- Facebook -MUKESH KHANNA Twitter-@actmukeshkhanna Check out Mukesh Khanna on Twitter. Actor, Director and Producer #mukeshkhanna#Shaktimaan#Bheeshminternational#Bheeshmpitamah#Saugandh#tahalka#barsaat#herapheri#instagram#facebook#twitter#youtube#saudagar#jawab#pyaarkadardhai#betaajbadshah#jaivikranta#yalgaar#animated#2d


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