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Title:REAL double bladed SWORD tested!

For 50% off with HelloFresh PLUS free shipping, use code 50SHADIVERSITY at It's time to finally see how effective a double bladed sword really is! If you like the content and want to support the channel, you're welcome to support us through playeUr, Subscribe Star, become a channel member here on YouTube or through Pateon: PlayeUr: Subscribe star: Become a member: Patreon: Be sure to check out and subscribe to Tyranth's channel here: Check out Kult of athena for all your sword needs: NEW Shadow of the Conqueror T-Shirt: Come check out my other channels! THE SHADLANDS: KNIGHTS WATCH: Subscribe to my website so you don't miss an upload: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on twitter: My novel, Shadow of the Conqueror Audio Book affiliate links: US: UK: CA: AU: Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover available from most major book retailers, here are a few of the main ones: Amazon affiliate link (be sure to navigate to your country's amazon site): Barnes and Noble: Kobo: Awesome Shirts and chainmail print clothing: Visit Calimacil for the best replica foam swords and LARP weapons: Buy my sword IMPERIOUS from Calimacil: Community run discord server: #sword #swords #doblebladedsword #darthmaul #starwars 0:00 - Opening Skit (The Band of the Red Something ) 0:56 - sick new INTRO for "Functional Fandom" (#professionals) 1:16 - Preface and Weapon Introduction 4:10 - thematic Hello Fresh ad (I like cutting literally anything) 8:33 - Cut Testing (Huoooah!) 11:25 - Cutting Recap and Analysis 14:02 - Maneuverability (suspenseful Hard Rock riff intensifies) 19:31 - Sparring [Nate vs. Shad] (Head Shot!) 20:45 - Recap and Analysis 22:14 - Sparring - Role Reversal (...and suddenly I have a blade in my head!) 23:07 - Recap and Analysis 23:37 - Sparring [Tyranth vs. Nate] + Role Reversal 24:08 - Recap and Analysis 25:17 - Spinning (Attack Helicopter: activate) 25:54 - Recap and Analysis 26:35 - Sparring vs. Dual Wielding 27:31 - Recap and Analysis 28:10 - Sparring vs. Polearm (nuts have been cracked @~@ - 29:06) 29:37 - Sparring Final Recap and Analysis 32:10 - Evaluation (Functionality Score.... oh yeah... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) 6.3/10 34:10 - Closing ("WHAT!"-timestamp)


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