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Title:ASMR Guaranteed Tingles Using Your Favorite Triggers 3 Hr (No Talking)

Welcome back to my channel! I asked you guys a while back for your favorite trigger/trigger items. I got so many responses and collected these 40 top triggers. This video includes tapping, scratching, tracing, rubbing, crinkle, cutting, carving, sorting, ear tapping and ear cleaning sounds. Hope you found your favorite trigger! Timestamp: 00:00 preview 04:58 rhinestone covered hands & mic touching 10:45 rhinestone covered hand & wine glass 17:11 cork coaster 22:11 wood balls 29:07 hand sounds 33:41 nail tapping 38:36 mic touch & tapping 44:29 fluffy ear picks 49:22 plastic wrap over mic 54:06 mic scratching 58:07 blue brush 1:02:44 leather bag 1:07:37 cardboard 1:12:33 acrylic star 1:16:44 red box 1:21:17 eggs 1:25:07 iPad 1:29:10 orange foam slime 1:33:41 metal spoon 1:38:17 Tums 1:42:42 red heart 1:47:41 rice scoop 1:52:00 wood perfume bottle 1:56:24 rhinstone sheet 2:00:48 mortar & pestle 2:05:25 paper cup 2:09:36 plastic bag 2:13:56 iPhone 2:18:12 wine glass 2:21:57 porcelain cup 2:26:41 water & spray sounds 2:30:51 chocolate tapping 2:37:00 chocolate cutting 2:41:04 wood mat 2:46:39 sequin/mermaid pillow 2:50:13 soap carving 2:54:41 bath bomb 2:59:37 Pantone cards 3:04:26 3Dio ear tapping 3:09:22 3Dio ear cleaning using fluffy ear picks Hope you'll enjoy this one and please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already! If you'd like to support my channel and help me improve: Paypal donation: If you enjoy slime videos, check out my mom's slime channel! Thank you for your support!


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