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Title:All of Monica Geller's Boyfriends. Friends TV Show

Hi, guys! Your support means the world to us as we try to bring you high-quality content while respecting the authors' rights. A small donation of just 1 dollar can help us continue creating and sharing the Friends experience with fans worldwide. Together, let's keep the magic of Friends alive! PayPal - If you're a die-hard Friends fan, you can't miss this video! Join us as we dive into Monica's love life and reminisce about all her different boyfriends. From her high school prom date to her millionaire boyfriend, we cover them all. Witness the romantic rollercoaster that is Monica's life as we explore 17 different relationships including: 1. Dr. Roger is Fat Monica's boyfriend in the alternative universe. 2. Roy Gublik - Monica's prom Date.  3. Kip - Chandler's roommate before Joey.  4. Jason Hurley - with whom Phoebe slept one hour after Monica broke up with him. 5. Alan.  6. Paul - the guy who tricks her into bed. 7. Fun Bobby, he was also sober and not so fun Bobby.  8. Stuart - Frannie's husband and Monica's ex-boyfriend. 9. Cute doctor.  10.Mischa - Sergei's translator, with whom Phoebe dated.  11. Cheap Matthews - Rachel's school boyfriend.+ 12. Julio  - Waiter and poet.  13. Jean-Claude Van Damme.  14. Young Ethan.  15. Richard Burke.  16. Timothy Burke - Richard's son.  17. Pete Backer - billionaire.  18. Chandler.  Enjoy other funny videos with friends: Top 10 unexpected Friends kisses -


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