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Title:Kerri Lee Colman on Forensic Anthropology

Have you ever watched the TV series “Bones” and wondered how they do it? How do they identify someone from just their bones? This is a short snippet of a talk given to the members of the International Women's Contact Amsterdam on 3 March, 2015. In this lecture, Kerri Lee discussed how, with the use of Forensic Anthropology, it is possible to not only identify someone from just their bones, but also to determine which diseases they may have suffered from while living, and recreate the circumstances around a person’s death. About Kerri Lee Colman: "I grew up in South Africa where, from the age of 16, I worked with the medical services and the police force. Working in often volatile and dangerous environments, I developed a keen interest for forensics and its application possibilities. Two topics that are of great interest to me are the identification of an individual, as well as determining what may have happened to the individual prior to death. For this reason, I followed my passion and chose Medical Sciences for my undergraduate studies, whereby I then focused on Forensic Anthropology. Since arriving in the Netherlands I have further obtained a Masters Degree in Forensic Science. Having worked on many forensic cases in South Africa, America and the Netherlands, I have gained numerous hours of hands-on experience.


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