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Title:Orchard in August - Keeping fruit trees small with summer pruning - Harvesting tips / glue rings

The links to the scissors and glue rings (*): ► Felco 7: ► Felco two-handed scissors: ► Glue ring: Summer pruning is particularly good for keeping fruit trees small, because timing is crucial when pruning fruit trees. Trees react to winter pruning with stronger growth than with summer pruning. Therefore, I recommend pruning all fruit species that have already been harvested and trees that are not heavily over-planted in summer. Many people react to strongly growing trees with heavy pruning to keep the fruit trees small. However, heavy pruning stimulates strong growth and therefore strong growing trees can only be kept small by moderate pruning. Shoots should not be cut, but either removed without stumps or left as they are. It is important that it is as dry as possible when pruning fruit trees. As a rule of thumb, it should not rain 24 hours before and 48 hours after pruning. The moisture would provide ideal conditions for wood-destroying fungi and harmful bacteria to multiply and infect the pruned trees. When harvesting stone fruit, it is important to harvest the trees completely. Otherwise, remaining fruit would become fruit mummies and infection foci for Monilia. If pome fruit is to be stored for as long as possible, it is advisable to store the 1st and 2nd pick and consume the 3rd pick more quickly. The fruits of the 1st and 2nd picking have the best physiological ripeness and can therefore be stored best. Glue rings against frost moths can also be applied now. This prevents the flightless females from climbing the tree. The best fruit trees can be found here: ► The links to the shears and other tools can be found here (*): ► Felco 7: ► Felco 8: ► Bahco two-hand scissors: ► Felco two-handed scissors: ► Sharpening stone: ► Branch saw: ► Folding saw: ► Fruit tree ladder: ► Cleaning spray for pruning shears: ► Grease: ► Insect protection net: ► Vole screen: Here are the links to our video equipment (*): ► Camera 1: ► Camera 2: ► Vlog camera: ► Microphone: ► Tripod: ► Light: ► Greenscreen: ► Editing programme: (*) The links are so-called affiliate links. If you buy something through them, we get a small part as commission. Of course without you paying more for it. 0:00 - 3:24 Summer pruning or winter pruning 3:24 - 3:50 Law of pruning effect 3:50 - 8:04 Keeping fruit trees small - pruning 8:04 - 9:00 the right tools 9:00 - 9:47 Watching the weather! 9:47 - 10:30 don't cut away! 10:30 - 11:44 Harvest tip stone fruit 11:44 - 12:35 Harvest tip pome fruit 12:35 - 13:51 Apply glue rings against frost moths


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