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Title:4 Craziest Roman Bridges that Actually Existed!

The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: This video covers some of the most impressive bridges constructed by the Ancient Romans. Whether it was to make war or trade, no river was deep or wide enough to act as a barrier for the great Empire. The Romans not only possessed some of the most skilled engineers and architects of their time, but also the sheer man power of the disciplined legions to make their creations come to life! Primary Sources: -Ausonius, Ordo Ubium Nobilium, 8. -Caesar, Bello Gallico IV, 16-19. -Caesar, Bello Civile I, 64. -Cassius Dio, Roman History, LVIII, 13. -Procopius, On Buildings IV, 6.11. -AE 1973, 475. -AE 1973, 473. -CIL III, 1699. -CIL III, 1698. -AE 1944, 70. Secondary Sources: -Brown, R. D. “Caesar’s Description of Bridging the Rhine (Bellum Gallicum 4.16–19): A Literary Analysis”. Classical Philology, Vol. 108, 1 (2013), 41-53. -Gilles, R. C. “How Caesar Bridged the Rhine”. The Classical Journal, Vol. 64, 8 (1969), 359-365. -Golvin, J.C. Le Génie Civil de l’Amrée Romaine. Actes Sud, 2018. -Hyde, W.W. “Trajan’s Danube Road and Bridge”. The Classical Weekly, Vol. 18. No.8 (1924), 59-64. -Mehrotra, A. & Glisic, B. “Reconstruction of the appearence and structural system of Trajan’s Bridge”. Journal of Cultural Heritage (2014), -Serban, M. “Trajan’s Bridge over the Danube. The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 38.2 (2009), 331–342. The author's website: The book on amazon USA: Intro (0:00) Sponsor (1:00) Caesar's bridge over the Rhine (1:51) Highway over the Iron Gates (4:31) The bridge of Arelate over the Rhone (6:40) Trajan's bridge over the Danube (9:44)


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