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Title:Lýdia Machová - Ten things polyglots do differently [EN] - PG 2017

There seems to be a gap between the way polyglots learn languages and the way they are taught in most language courses. Why is that? And what exactly makes polyglots’ ways of learning languages different? Lýdia’s mission as a language mentor ( is to help people learn languages more effectively by applying learning strategies that polyglots use. In this talk, she provides a few insights on where the methods of polyglots and of foreign language teachers seem to differ. She’s helped thousands of Slovaks change their approach to learning foreign languages by applying polyglots’ principles in practice. Lýdia's also one of two head organizers of Polyglot Gathering 2017 and 2018 in Bratislava. Do you like Lýdia Machová's way of learning languages? Then you're going to love her webinar that you can watch for free here Find out how to learn to speak a foreign language - once and for all! Want more tips on learning like a polyglot? Then visit: 💙 Lýdia's FB page where she regularly adds useful language-learning tips: 📸 Lýdia's Instagram @languagementoring to get motivation for your learning 🔗 Lýdia's website where you can learn all about her online courses and latest blog posts about events in the language-learning world 💌 Sign up for her newsletter here: and get fresh news in your inbox every month This video was recorded at the Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava 2017 (


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