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Title:Floyd Mayweather talks loss he can’t get back, his family, boxing’s future & retirement | The Pivot

SUBSCRIBE HERE: GET MERCH HERE: Floyd Mayweather the undefeated boxing champion talks about a loss he hasn't recovered from, importance of family, relationship with NBA Young Boy, Vegas being a sports mecca, weighing in on the term GOAT, his definition of retirement and how he started from the bottom and built everything he has. "What these boxers do now is box, I'm a box office." Through all the wins, accolades and success, the champion boxer talks about the one loss he can't overcome and in a rare and emotional moment, Floyd Mayweather opens up to Ryan, Channing and Fred on his struggles and how each day he tries to grow and be a better, stronger version of himself. Sitting with the Pivot 2 years ago when the platform just started, Floyd is back now and talking about the importance of these grown men conversations and the need for men to be able to express themselves freely and the impact that comes from these conversations. But one main message the Champion has is, that In a world where we try to be in our own control of things, there are certain things beyond our control that are the hardest to accept and adjust to, Floyd gets into the different levels of life and how each stage shaped him. No matter the sport, no matter the athlete, very few individuals have had a similar level of stardom and success as Floyd Mayweather... The iconic boxer may be retired, but his day-to-day lifestyle seems even more fulfilling than when he was fighting. In a candid and heartfelt conversation, the greatest boxer of all time discusses the people and moments that helped him become a legend. Despite still keeping a full schedule, Floyd acknowledges how important it has been for him to spend time with his children, grandson KJ, as well as his relationship with rapper NBA Youngboy, the father of his grandson. Floyd talks about why he's made it a point to support those who have his back, when it comes to both his family and team, and why Mayweather continues to help set them up for success and the future. Vegas has now experienced global sporting events like F1 and the Super Bowl but still nothing compares to the hype and electricity that city felt during a Mayweather boxing weekend. While his 50-0 record and 16 title defenses speak for themselves inside the ring, Floyd has accumulated wealth and fame outside of boxing as well. He talks about reaching his goal of being an employer instead of an employee. Starting from the bottom and earning all he has through hard work and dedication, Floyd shares how learning from his father's ways helped shape him into the man he wanted to be. Getting into a discussion on how it's easier for people in black culture root for the illegal ways of business vs the legal success, it's always been an uphill battle to be respected for Floyd’s closest friend throughout his career, though, was Kitchie Laurico. His longtime assistant, Floyd gets emotional when talking about her passing and the important role she played in his life. Mayweather says many people only want to see peers go so far, but as Kitchie proved, the ones who want to see you succeed should be kept around. Dealing with the loss of his uncle, the mother of his children and his best friend has been the one struggle Floyd hasn't been able to overcome as he explains why it's the people you can't ever fill a void from. Whether it was sold out arenas, fight paydays that may never be duplicated or a constant hunger for people to see him lose, Floyd defied many odds on his rise to the top. The man at the pinnacle of the boxing world for nearly three decades is still synonymous with greatness and with no debate, the GOAT in and out of the ring, as he is The Best Ever. New episodes drop on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. ET and Fridays at 3:30 p.m ET on YouTube, with audio available on all streaming platforms. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCASTS | #ThePivot #Podcast #ChanningCrowder #FredTaylor #RyanClark #NFL


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