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Title:Learn to Draw Anything with Adobe Illustrator CC

This is a recorded version of a seminar about drawing techniques in Adobe Illustrator CC. You can learn a lot of useful methods about the Pen Tool and its alternatives and also about drawing with shapes. BECOME OUR MEMBER: LEARN FROM US: Build Rock Solid Foundations with our New 12 Weeks long Graphic Design Starter Bootcamp: NEWSLETTER: READ OUR BLOG FOLLOW US PODCAST Apple - Spotify - ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD If you don’t have an Illustrator-, or a Creative Cloud subscription yet, you can subscribe to it here: (*We are partners to Adobe. If you purchase through this link you also support our channel.) Some features presented in this seminar might not work in older versions of Illustrator as it was recorded with CC 2017. Fisherman illustration is done by talented artist Doremi Illustrations: Contents: 0:00 Intro 1:56 Adding Details and Color/Light importance 5:04 Tool: Pen 8:00 Tool: Pen: Curving lines 9:35 Tool: Pen: Ying Yang Icon 11:00 Corners 13:57 Symmetrical shapes method 1 16:16 Symmetrical shapes method 2 17:17 Tool: Transform effect 20:47 Tool: Shape Builder (Examples) 21:51 Shape Builder: Twitter Logo 24:20 Rounded rectangle tips 25:13 Tool: Expand 26:15 Shape Builder: Celtic Cross 26:47 Tool: Live Pain Bucket 27:20 Tool: Recolor Artwork 28:50 Recolor Artwork: Color Locking 29:21 Recolor Artwork: Color Groups 30:00 Appearance and Graphic Style 32:03 Example: Making and Illustration with the tools 33:25 Direct Selection 33:45 Gradients 35:32 Pencil 38:11 Shape Builder: for erasing 39:00 Eraser 40:40 Tool: Width tool 41:35 Method: Draw inside Check Out My workstations: 1. Desks - 2. Chiro ergonomic chair - 3. iMac Pro - 4. MacBook Pro - 5. Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablet - 6. The new iPad Pro - 7. Apple Pencil - 8. iPad Stand - 9. Wacom Cintiq pen display - #yesimadesigner


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