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Title:Technical MISTAKES that Make Your Life as a TRADER Impossible

Many untrained traders like to play it fancy and try to pick the bottom when they are in negative territory. They think they can reverse the trend and make a profit. But let me tell you, trading against position is like taking candy from a baby. It's just not a smart move. If you find yourself in negative territory, the best odds are to bet down. Similarly, if you're in positive territory, the majority of your plays should be betting to the upside. Don't try to be too cute or clever by going against the position. Play it the way it's supposed to be played. 💁🏻If you need support or personalized attention, please contact my team through: 📲 WhatsApp: +1 (786) 477-7942 📧Email: Subscribe and receive in your mail every Sunday reflections and tips on trading. FOLLOW ME ON MY OTHER NETWORKS ✅► Instagram: ☑️► Facebook: ✴️► Twitter: 🏬Oliver Velez Store 🧑🏿 GET TO KNOW ALL MY PROGRAMS 💥 👊 ⚠️ DISCLAIMER Oliver Velez will never ask you for money Oliver Velez Trading & Ifundtraders its members, directors, employees and collaborators do not collect money from the public or manage third party accounts. All content on this channel is for educational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. Strategies and investments involve risk of loss. None of the information found in this video should be construed as a guarantee of results. Any decision made by the viewer is solely and expressly their responsibility. #olivervelez #oliverveleztrading #tradingstrategies #daytrading #tradeforaliving #tradeforprofit #vidjune 4. #normal #Year2023


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