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Title:Transferring Images to Pottery - THREE EASY WAYS!

Ann gets several requests on how to transfer images to pottery. While she hand paints all of her designs, she loves to find short cuts for QUICK and EASY ways to make images look great on pottery. This video is for you if, (a) you want to learn some easy techniques for transferring images, (b) you are bored, (c) you like to watch someone else work. Check it out! Answers to questions we get all the time: We typically bisque to Cone 04 and fire to Cone 5-6 Ann uses Standard English Porcelain no. 365 Ann glazed the blue mug with her white liner glaze AROUND the design Here is a link to Ann's White Liner Glaze: If you would like more in-depth information on how she paints the non-transferred stuff, check this out: If you would like to BECOME A MEMBER of the the LSP Research Facility team and earn a cool title that you can put on your resume, we invite you to hit the "SUPER THANKS" button or the "Buy Ann a Coffee" button to help us unite the world through pottery. We so appreciate how generous you have been recently! It has helped us upgrade our filming gear to produce (we hope) better quality videos for you. THANK YOU!! Check out Ann's Etsy site with the link on the video. Ann also creates sought after custom mugs that she paints exclusively for individual clients. If you would like to learn how Ann paints with underglazes - check out her Video Workshop Series here. These workshops are very detailed (typically 1.5 - 2 hours in length) where Ann provides step by step instruction and are designed to help potters take their work to new levels of craftsmanship and artistry. Here are links to some of the tools we use: Alcohol Inks: Styrofoam Mold: Painters Trim Guard: Hole Punchers: Brushes Ann Uses: Xiem Tools X-Bevel Bevel Cutter for Pottery and Ceramics: Diamoncore Tools: ProPlus Sponge: Best Red Ribs: The Cameras we use: Best Cheap Lens we film with: Best Good Lens we film with: #pottery #imagetransfer #handbuiltpottery


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