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Title:「Ep. 16」American Living in Japan VLOG / NEW HOUSE Construction / California Trip Preparations!

Hi everyone! 😊💙 I hope you're having a fantastic weekend so far! ✨ There was a delay in posting this video! So sorry about that! I was a bit busy visiting Fukushima and making preparations to travel to California! This video shows the events that happened one week before my California trip! 🇺🇸 In two of my previous videos, I mentioned that my husband and I are building a new house in Japan! Construction started about 2-3 weeks ago so we are super excited! In this video, we visited the site so you can see some of the construction process! 🏡 Check out my previous videos Episodes 6 and 11 for earlier clips on the house construction process in Japan! 👷‍♂️ I also make preparations to visit my family and friends in California! 🥰 I hope you enjoy the video! 🌸 I'm still learning so suggestions are always welcome! Thank you❣️ Time Stamps: 00:06 7-Eleven Convenience Store 01:15 Tomato Cream Macaroni Pasta 🍝 04:15 Packing Luggage for California Trip 🧳 06:50 Visiting Fukushima (NEW House Construction Clips & More! 🪵 11:59 Back to Shizuoka Ingredients: 🫑🧅🧄 1) Tomato Cream Macaroni Pasta (4-5 servings) 150 grams x2 (2 bags) of uncooked macaroni pasta 5 green peppers 390 grams of tomato sauce with cut tomatoes 200 mL of cream 10 white or brown mushrooms 5-6 cloves of garlic 1 diced onion 221 grams of bacon 15-20 cherry tomatoes Salt, pepper, and dried herbs to taste Recommended Videos: 「Ep. 14」California Girl Living in Japan / Cooking Simple Ramen and Udon / What I do on Weekdays(M-F) 「Ep. 10」American Living in Japan / My Weekend Routine / Grocery Shopping / Hamburgers & Omurice 「Ep. 7」Last Week of Work / How to Make Fried Chicken, Spam Musubi, etc / What I Eat in a Week 「Ep. 6」Jichinsai (Shinto ceremony for building a house in Japan) / Meeting my friend’s baby daughter 「Ep. 5」Happy Birthday! / Grocery Shopping / Easy Japanese Curry & Dinners Channels I Like: @naminokurashi @imamuroom About lolo’s Vlog: My nickname is lolo (LoLo, ろろ) I’m just a California girl living in Japan I’d like to share my everyday experiences with you! =) 🍴cooking 🪴houseplants 🏡new house 🛍️shopping ✈️traveling 🧼cleaning, etc Thank you for visiting & I hope you enjoy my videos! Remember to Like, Comment & Subscribe! 😊 NOTE: When watching the video, please turn on subtitles. I used an automatic translation program, so I apologize if there are any mistakes. Email: — — — — — Credits: Music: Dayspring Musician: Firefl!es Music: Youth, Dear Autumn Musician: @iksonmusic #vlog #japan #japanvlog #foreignerinjapan #cooking #whatieatinaday #travel #california #japanhouse #house #whatidoinaday


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