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Title:Badi Door Se Aaye Hain - Episode 29 - 17th July 2014

Ep 29 - Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai - Varsha and Vasant are trying their best to help Hemant in finding the Laal Dravya 070 in Bhavna's House. Sharad who has become Bhavna is struggling to find Laal Dravya 070. To know more about the big confusion, watch this hilarious episode. "Badi dooooor se aaye hai is a story of 5 aliens , extra terrestrial people, from a different galaxy . they have come to earth in search of their lost son. This 5 aliens consists of a father , mother n their 3 children . few years back they had lost their youngest son while travelling through our galaxy . since then they have been searching for him from planet to planet . this hunt of theirs had got them to our planet earth . On landing first they are shocked to see our civilization n its form . latter they realize that if they move around in their alien form they will be treated differently or may be taken captive for research n analysis . thus risking their existence . But they had got a very strong clues of their lost son to be living on earth . this forces them to take human form n secure their lives . taking form was very easy as they are born with super natural powers . but the life that they have to lead post taking the human form was the problem . From here begins the journey of this alien family, coming from 5000yrs ahead of the our human civilization, trying to adjust and accommodate with the diversities and complications of our civilization. For this family everything is alien , the cooking , the shelter , the schooling , romancing , wedding and even child birth or naming ceremony . They find it difficult to understand why humans have made their lives n their civilization so complicated with borders, regions n cultures . Ushering through this search for their son they sarcastically highlight the satire of human relations and civilization while exploring this they learn how humans bond to each other by unsaid feeling of emotions and love. "


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