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Title:Neal Caffrey || Illusions & Reality

Hey guys, I'm sorry but I had to re-upload this video. I had a little problem with the program before and the coloring didn't turn out the way I wanted it. A great friend of mine helped me fix the problem so I decided to render the video again. My biggest regret is that I also lost some of the wonderful comments you had written and they were really amazing and truly inspiring. So, I'm going to reply to them now: JazzyJessx, thank you for the always incredible comments. You don't know what a great inspiration and motivation they are! SchneewittchencheN, thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you like the video. The low contrast was definitely not on purpose, which is why I had to render and upload the video again. I had a little problem with my program but we fixed it now. Now, here's the deal with the title: I tried to include the most frequently used motifs in the show and the themes that I find most important and interesting. For me one of the most interesting oppositions in the show is reality vs. illusions/dreams, that's why I decided that these two themes would be the main ones in the video. And all the other themes and motifs can relate to one of them. Of course, the division is strongly individual. For example, I would probably put the Trust in the Illusion category before season 6, but now I believe that it definitely belongs to the Reality. Of course, others could see it differently. I ended the video with the theme of Reality, but I didn't start it with Illusion, instead I started with Deception, because I believe that's what leads to the Illusion. I hope that makes the things a little bit more clear. Once again, thank you for the amazing comment, I'm glad you like the video. turnonthelight, thank you very much for the lovely comment. I'm glad you like the video. shri saravana, Ellen Ren, Winnie Khaw - Thank you very much for the wonderful comments! It truly means a lot, I'm very happy that you like the video. I believe, you're going to enjoy it way more now, when it has a more normal level of contrast :D Thank you once again, you are amazing! "Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality." - Edgar Allan Poe TV Show: White Collar Song: Zack Hemsey - The Way Inspired by: Supernatural | Four Letter Words by SecretlyToDream I OWN NOTHING APART FROM THE EDITING. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED FOR THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.


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