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Title:How much time does the Boring Company tunnel save?

I attended Cyber Roundup a few weeks ago, and Elon Musk basically told me (and the entire audience) to go to Vegas to see the LVCC Loop in action. So, I drove down from SLC to Vegas and made it happen. :00 Introduction 1:30 LVCC Loop background 2:40 Are there emergency exits? 3:10 How does flooding in Vegas affect the tunnels? 4:25 How tunnels stay free of water 5:18 Is hyperloop demo coming to TX? 6:14 Boring machine cutterhead on display 7:20 When will tunnels be driverless? 8:01 Explain the colors in the tunnels 9:50 Is there traffic in the tunnels? 11:18 Does Elon frequent LV a lot? 11:50 Why the parking in the loop is zig-zagged 13:15 Why Vegas Loop is so unlike other transportation 14:10 My poorly documented experiment 15:40 Time to travel through tunnel versus walk 16:18 Conclusion _______________________ Hi! I am now FULL TIME Ellie in SPACE! My channel started as a way to keep people up to date on the world of SpaceX's Starlink, the satellite internet service. The channel has grown to include the broader Elon Musk universe. Your support for my channel means a lot. Thanks for watching and if you have any video ideas, shoot me an email, Find me on instagram, @elianainspace Want to support Ellie in Space? Join my Patreon here: Want an awesome STARSHIP lamp? Head here: Logo creator:


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