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Title:10 Qatar I Qatar Ki Sabse Badi Masjid Me Namaz e Juma #masjid

Open DEMAT ACCOUNT Click On Link Islamic Scholar Motivational and Spiritual Speaker Education: Hafiz e Quran: Jamia Hussainia Rander Surat Gujarat, 1995 Tajweed O Qirat: Jamia Mazhar e Saadat Hansot Gujarat, 1995 High School: Saraswati Bhuwan High School Jalna Maharashtara: 2006 MH CIT: Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited Pune 2005 Aalimiyat Wa Fazilat: Madarsa Baitul Uloom Kondhwa Pune 2008 Graduation: B, Com: YCMOU Nasik Maharashtra 2010 Computer and Laptop Hardware Engineering: Government Polytechnic Collage Shivaji Nagar Pune 2010 ELTIS: English Spoken Learning Symbiosis International University. 2015 Software Testing Engineering: Wipro Technologies 2016 Ifta: Al Mahad Ul Ilmi An Nomani Bahraich India 2021 Working Experience: as Islamic Teacher Spiritual Speaker from: 1998 to Still Working as Professional: Executive / Senior Software Engineer from 2009 to Still Theory: Sunni Deobandi Muslim And Scholar, Working With Tableeghi Movement with Markaz Nizamuddin Bangle Waali Masjid New Delhi Under Imaarat Hazrat Ji Maulana Saad Kandhalwi DB, But Respecting to All Sunni Theories and Belief In Unity Of All Muslims and Humanity, and helping and supporting to all humanity, Why We Create This Channel, When I seen Muslims in The Whole world specially in India very far from original and authentic Islam and Quran and Sahih Hadith and many believing in propaganda stories and Babagiri And Manghadat Own Made Islam, so I Have Started To Uploading daily one lesson about Islamic guidelines in current conditions under brightness of Quran and sahih hadith, And also we replying Question's answers according to Quran and hadith, If you have any Islamic question or any doubt or any masla so can email us: Can follow us to take our Audio speeches by Mufti Sayyed Akbar Hashmi Founder and President ISLAAHE MUAASHARAH FOUNDATION Shop 04 Fazle Rahman Building, Meeta Nagar, Kondhwa, Pune, Maharashtra 411048 Subscribed our channel #muftiakbarhashmi #maulanaakbarhashmi #maulanahashmi #akbarhashmi #Akbarhashmipune #Muftiakbarhashmipune #Maulanahashmipune #IslaaheMuaasharahfoundation #Hashmipune #Muftihashmipune #hashmimiyanpune #Hajj #Sharetrading #Sharetradingmasail #Sharemarketinislam #Halalshares #Exposeakbarhashmi #Akbarhashmikaunhai #Akbarhashmikihaqeeqat #Akbarhashmipune #Akbar #hashmi #Muftipune #punemuftihashmi #Muftihashim #hashmimaulanapune #punemaulanahashmi #punemuftisaaab #punemuftihashmisahab


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