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Title:Can This Coffee Expert Fix My Coffee Problem ? (James Hoffmann)

Coffee Eclair Round 2 ! Go to for a free trial and when you re ready to launch go to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain Big thank to James ! Check him out on YouTube : or on Instagram : Turns out all we needed to improve that coffee eclair pastry or dessert, was a smarter coffee bean shopping, a better infusion in water and in cream. Almost nothing haha ! With a finer grind, and an aero press we extracted way more coffee flavours than by a simple infusion. I've set up a free and private mailing list for us geeky chefs ! Join here : (100% better than YouTube notifications ) Support my work on : Get My cookbook : Get my posters and t-shirts : Become a member now ! Submit subtitles here : Do you know StoryBlocks ? Great stock footage for your own videos : Amazing audio footage for your own videos : Music by Epidemic sound : Music by Artlist : ( Get 2 extra months on your Artlist subscription) Amazing Video Footage by : My other social accounts : Director, Author, Host & Camera : Alex Editor and Co-Author : Joshua Mark Sadler Producer : Eva Zadeh 2nd camera operator : Antony Gomes 2nd Editor: Luca Hohler Planning a foodie trip to Paris ? Here are my favorite spots : Salut, Alex


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