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Animals are multicellular, eukaryotic organisms, with many types and specific classifications, and they have many senses that help them to live, and they differ among themselves in the ways of feeding them; Some of them are carnivores, including herbivores, and some of them feed on the two species. Animals also differ in ways of adapting to the surrounding conditions and coexisting with other animals. In addition, animals are creatures that interact with each other and with others through a number of ways of communication, but they do not have a special language. The origin of animals Animals are one of the basic sections of living organisms, and they are collected in one boring called (Animalia), and all of them are characterized by being multicellular and eukaryotes of different shapes and sizes, and it is not possible to determine the time point at which the animals appeared, but their appearance is estimated It is less than millions of years old, and it is believed that the origin of animals is multicellular mollusks, and existing and extinct animals are currently classified into about (30-35) different phyla.[1] Animals that share the same traits are classified into specific classes, and the classification of animals includes the following: [2] Scope. The kingdom. Division. sect. Rank. secondary rank. the family. sex. Type. Types of animals Animals are divided into the following types: [3] Invertebrates: The most important thing that distinguishes them is that they do not have a backbone, among them: worms, octopuses, and insects. Fish: The oldest types of vertebrate animals, and are divided into: great fish, cartilaginous fish, and jawless fish. Amphibians: are distinguished by their lifestyle between land and water, and are divided into two types: legless and legless. Reptiles: A number of species descend from reptiles, the most important of which are: crocodiles, snakes and lizards, in addition to turtles, all of which are cold-blooded. Birds: Birds are among the many types of animals, all of which are distinguished by the feathers that cover them, and they are warm-blooded. Mammals: They are the most evolved, least diverse, and warm-blooded animals. Animal nutrition Animals differ in the way they are fed, and the following is the classification of animals according to food: Herbivores Herbivores feed on plants only, and their digestive tract is qualified to digest different types of plants, but some herbivores focus on a specific part of the plant only; Such as seeds and fruits, and these animals have incisors in the front part of the jaw that contribute to increasing their ability to pick up and cut their food, in addition to owning the front molars to grind food, and most of these animals are large in size, and they eat during most of the day to provide themselves with sufficient energy, and examples: [4] ] Cow. Spinner. stag. Carnivores: Carnivores feed on other animals, whether herbivores or carnivores, and their sizes vary between small and large, and they are characterized by having sharp teeth and a strong jaw, and most of them have prominent fangs; To tear apart its prey, for example: [5] the lion. the wolf. hawk the Frog. Omnivores are distinguished by their diet that combines plants and animals, and this diversity follows the nature of the food available. They hunt other animals, whether herbivores or carnivores, and feed on fruits and vegetables, but their digestive system does not enable them to digest some types of plants; Such as grains and herbs, for example, and the teeth of rats help in tearing and grinding food at the same time. They have sharp teeth along with flat molars,[5] such as:[4] the bear. Ground squirrel. raccoon; Senses in Animals Some animals have supernatural senses that exceed the capabilities of humans, and these senses help them to live in a manner appropriate to their environment, including:[6] Birds of prey enjoy; Like eagles, they have an incredible sense of sight that helps them see details from miles away. Dogs have an unusual sense of smell, which enables them to recognize distant odors. Antlers for insects are multi-sensory, through which they can smell, taste, touch, and hear. Bees can. Visiting Botswana is a great opportunity to witness the huge numbers of animals in Africa Large numbers of protected areas ensure ideal conditions for wildlife. Do not miss the opportunity to see the types of animals and birds in their natural habitat! Get the best documentary safari experience without leaving your home. Save your time and visit the second largest continent in the world and learn more about its rich wild world. Escape into the wild nature and rejuvenate. #shorts #animals #dog Please subscribe to the channel to see more of the animal world


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