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Title:My Friend Passed Away... His Last Words About Charisma Shocked Me

Right before a close friend and former client passed, he said something that profoundly changed the way I view attraction and charisma, and I teach this today on my live programs. You can check out my full schedule here: Want my direct help to change your life trajectory and reach your FULL charismatic potential? 👉 Fill out this application right now, and see if you're a good fit: 🙏 Get a FREE Charisma Quick Start Course (14 day planner): 🔥 Get your copy of my program Charisma Mastery! (+4 exclusive bonuses): 💎 Learn powerful, healthy vocal projection with Resonator: ✨ Subscribe here for NEW videos: In 2003 I began professionally teaching clients how to competently socialize with strangers and achieve amazing results. Over the last two decades, I’ve conducted live programs every weekend in over 30 countries and 100 cities around the world, where I demonstrate these skills live on the spot, push clients beyond their conditioned boundaries, and provide descriptive and actionable feedback. As one of the top 5 most experienced coaches on the planet, I’ve helped over 10,000 clients achieve their goals. I strive for authenticity in my teachings and am highly passionate about creating deep, lasting, identity-level change for the students I work with. In 2017 I created RESONATOR, the professional guide to healthy powerful and attractive vocal projection technique. In 2020 I released Charisma Mastery, a unique and useful way for you to isolate and analyze the components of charisma and synthesize them in learning to have successful interactions that lead to powerful business and social connections. My latest program is Charisma Mentoring: an 8 week program that exercises all areas of your communication, removes stifling inhibitions, and makes people love you right off the bat. Facebook: Instagram: TheJeffyShow TikTok: TheJeffyShow


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