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Title:ORIGIN of THE DARKNESS... (Cartoon Animation)

This video is extended fan canon inspired by the short "Come and Learn with Pibby! | adult swim". It is fully intended as a parody under Section 107 of the Copyright Act for fair use. Check out the original here: Special thanks to The Annoying Orange channel for making the series that one of these FNF mods is based on! Mod Creators for Pibby - Vs. Annoying Orange Mod: SlightlyCreative - original mod creator Jacob Tisc - "Sliced" song creator Special thanks to owner/creator JcJack, composer Jacaris, and the rest of the FAF team. Funkin' at Freddy's + Afton Full Week Mod: Thanks to the developers of the Vs Rainbow Friends Mod: Key Author/Director: Mewza Coder: TeaWix Composer: Nullvix Mod Creators for VS Sonic.EXE 4.0 Update below Sonic.exe Restored 4.0 build: Friday Night Funkin' VS Sonic.EXE 3.0 Restored | The 4.0 Update (FULL WEEK) Mod: Comgaming_Nz's team (Director): Jack. exe - Release incomplete official build: Futagami - Restored Sonic.exe: VS SONIC.EXE 3.0 Restored: VS SONIC.EXE 2.5 / 3.0 Official Cancelled Build: Sonic.EXE 3.0 Credit: Mod Creators for VS Mickey Mouse.exe below VS MickeyMouse.exe FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link: Yama Haki Yomo - Director/musician: blake-whattsup - Charter: Genorelm - Artist: DEMOLITIONDON96 - Charter/artist/co-director: LeCheez - Animator: SayanSama - Musician: Nutsack Anim - Artist/animator: Garf - Artist: Austinthereddragon - Made mr smiles: Mr. Idk - Artist: Freshmoure - Musician: KYZ - artist: Crazylnigo - Cutscene artist: Jblitz - Musician: Noppz - Charter: Zer0XD - Charter: Hazey - UI Artist: Cool:/ - Artist: PhantomNexus - Charter: JUSTIN X - Voice actor: AzkoAntics - Musician: Awe - Artist: Xarion - Animator: Flaconadir - Voice actor: Gavin M - Artist/animator: MrObscurity - Musician: Mod Creators for VS Impostor Black Betrayal BLACKOUT 1.5 Update below VS Impostor Black Betrayal BLACKOUT Update FULL WEEK (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link: HersheyDaFluff - Owner/Director, Songs, Charter: Scissor - coding, charter, assets thing: Quik - Main Musician, Artist: ToastBee - Main Artist, Dialog, "Coder", "Musician" "Charting": Dzub - charter, playtester: SUS_PAIN - Artist: Anonymations - Artist: etesechlover666 - Artist: MysicalEX - Artist: Extra Crispy Chriminal - Dialogue, Ideas: Ice Cream Sherry - Chart Helper: Mono - Playtester: ferro - original background artist: Shadow Mario - Engine Developer: VS IMPOSTOR V3 Team:


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