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Title:Asal Usul Jombang | Cerita Rakyat Jawa Timur | Kisah Nusantara

Folklore about the origin of the name of the city of Jombang, East Java. Once upon a time, in a village called Karang Kejambon. This village is a prosperous suburb located in East Java. There lived a woman named Wandan Wanguri and had a son named Joko Tulus who later changed his name to Kebo Kicak. On his journey he has to fight his brother, Surontanu, so that the Kebo Kicak territory recovers from an illness. The cause of the disease was the Tracak Kencono bull who was possessed by Bajul Ijo. Support the story of the archipelago by donating to saweria , thank you. For those of you who ask our social media... don't forget to follow, okay? Instagram : Facebook : Tiktok : Playlist Story of the Archipelago: #gromorestudio #saganusantara #asalusuljombang the origin of jombang, the city of jombang, the story of jombang, the folklore of jombang, the origin of jombang, the legend of the city of jombang, the origin of the jombang east java, the origin of the city single archipelago story folklore animation fairytale legend origin mountain story archipelago story Indonesian folk tales Indonesian folk tales fairy tale archipelago legend legend story cartoon archipelago story archipelago fairy tales fairy tale cartoon cartoon storyline archipelago javanese story Studio Gromore legend story java legend the story of the land of java original animation Archipelago story animation fairy tale anime folklore animation culture


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