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Title:12 Times Snakes Messed With The Wrong Opponent

Snakes are often regarded as being around the very top of the food chain, but sometimes even these slithery reptiles bite off more than they can chew. Certain animals don’t like abiding by the laws of nature. From a rooster stomping the life out of a cobra to a cat defying all odds to protect her kittens, and a freshly-hatched Iguana outlasting swarms of snakes-- here are 12 times snakes messed with the wrong opponent. ► Subscribe For New Videos! ► Watch our “10 Most Dangerous Holes On Planet Earth” video here: Watch our “10 Most Dangerous Natural Phenomena Caught On Camera!” video here: Watch our “10 Strongest Friendships Between Humans And Wild Animals” video here: Brave Rooster defends Flock You'd think that a snake could’ve easily gotten the best of a rooster. But roosters are extremely territorial of their homes. A rooster will go so far as to sacrifice its own life to protect its flock. So going guns blazing inside this rooster's home turf wasn’t such a good idea for this cobra. A rooster in India showed some real pluck when it obliterated a cobra that was trying to attack its flock. The snake tried desperately to catch a breath but the rooster never gave it a chance, constantly pecking at it with no remorse. After carrying the snake away from the rest of the chickens, the rooster ended up swallowing it whole. Turtle Bites off Snake’s head Snapping turtles are as ferocious as they come. Their bite packs a punch of about 209 Newton, if you’re not good at science just take our word when we tell you that you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of this unless you’re into having your limbs chopped off. This turtle, in particular, was having none of the snake’s shenanigans when it snapped the snake’s head off clean. You could argue that the snake brought it upon itself when it crawled into the turtle’s mouth. Follow Us On Social Media Twitter Facebook ► For copyright issues, send us an email at:


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