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Title:Gulperi Episode 60 (English Subtitles)

Gulperi Episode 60 (English Subtitles) Click to watch the episode 61 👉 Gülperi (Nurgül Yeşilçay) has decided to give up Hasan (Burak Dakak) for his freedom and happiness and has prepared herself for the worst situation, namely losing Hasan. Hasan, on the other hand, has another plan in his head, and this situation will change everyone's lives. After Kadir (Temuçin Esen) learns everything that Şeyma (Ece Sükan) has hidden from him, he gets very angry and takes a new decision. Kadir, who wants everyone to pay for what they have done, begins to remember the memories of his youth and question the choices he has made in his life. Bedriye (Aleyna Cvegen) tries to bring a definite solution to the marital pressure on her in her own way. While Gülperi is still trying with all her might to become a family, she encounters an incident that will put her life in danger to protect her children for this purpose. The unconditional love she feels for her children is the only ray of hope for a mother who has been subjected to injustice, cruelty and slander just because she is a woman. The reason why he is standing even when he has hit the bottom, even when the greatest pain has stabbed him in the heart; the sadness in his son's eyes, the smell of his daughter's hair. She has to be with her baby until her wings are strong, because a mother is a mother only if her children are with her... Gülperi (Nurgül Yeşilçay), while trying to keep her small happy world afloat with her husband Eyüp and her children Bedriye, Hasan and Can, loses her home first with the loss of Eyüp. He later goes to prison while trying to protect himself from his brother-in-law, the Dragon. When he comes out, the hope he raised in him is destroyed in an instant, he realizes that his father-in-law Jacob (Tarık Papuççuoğlu) will not give his children to him. However, the greatest pain in his life will be experienced by another fact that he realizes while struggling to win them back: Jacob not only took his children away from him, but also planted seeds of hatred about Gulperi in their hearts. Kadir (Temuçin Esen) is the person who gives Gülperi the greatest support in this struggle, and opens a small door of hope with his calm and reassuring Decency in the life of the lonely and helpless Gülperi. Their lives, which were tangent to each other with an immaculate and unfinished youth love many years ago, have been reunited with this difficult struggle. The struggle that Gülperi continues with all her might to win the hearts of her children and to become their mother again will shake both Kadir and Gülperi deeply, and their lifelines will be turned in a direction they never expected. Gulperi tv series story is about a middle aged mother who does her best to reunite with her children and tries to survive in the conservative world dominated by men. Will Gulperi manage to win back the love of her children? Will Yakup Taskin give up his grandchildren and let Gulperi live in peace? Will Kadir be beside Gulperi all the time? Will the youth love between Gulperi and Kadir rekindle years later? Will Hasan, Bedriye and Can learn all the truth about their mother and ask for forgiveness. Cast: Nurgul Yesilcay, Timucin Esen, Tarik Papuccuoglu, Ece Sukan, Erkan Bektas, Burak Dakak, Aleyna Ozgecen, Emir Ozyakisir, Gulcin Kultur Sahin, Sefika Umit Tolun, Emir Cubukcu, Ezgi Gor Production: Tims&B Productions Director: Senol Sonmez Producer: Timur Savci & Burak Sagyasar Screenplay: Eylem Canpolat & Sema Ergenekon Music: Atakan Ilgazdag Theme Music: Cem Oget #gulperi#nurgulyesilcay#timucinesen


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