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Title:Why Are We LOSING Friends In Adulthood?! (ft. YES 933 DJs Hazelle & Ze Liang) | The Hop Pod Ep.7

🎧 Hop into more pods: Are our friendship circles getting smaller?! In this episode of The Hop Pod, we are joined with Yes 933 Radio DJs Hazelle and Ze Liang to dive deep into an experience many of us face today: losing friends as we grow older. From setting healthy boundaries with friends to unpacking the secret of making friends, listen in to their stories on how they navigate adult friendships! If you enjoyed this episode, subscribe to our channel and leave a comment below! TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Teaser 02:27 Topic of the day 02:39 What kind of friend are you? 05:36 How have our friendships changed over the years? 07:37 Gold, silver, bronze friendship tiers?! 10:14 How to maintain friendships as an introvert? 13:00 Losing friends after NS 13:46 The Question Pod 16:05 Friendships in your 20s vs 30s 16:26 Have you felt pressured to have more friends? 18:19 Feeling left out in friend groups? 19:10 How do you make friends now? 21:30 Making friends through online gaming?! 22:32 Do we need to be friends with our colleagues? 24:08 Transitioning from colleagues to friends 25:32 Why friendship circles shrink 25:47 Do friendships have expiration dates? 27:20 Tips to make friends 28:26 Outro 28:51 Bloopers Watch Hazy discuss more about adult friendships with Germy and Azura on #HushPodcast here! _ FOLLOW US ON SOCIALS INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: 🎙️ THE HOPPERS 🎙️ Nicholas: Joie: Q (Yun Qian): Hazelle: Ze Liang: 🎧 SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN 🎧 Spotify: Apple Podcasts: MeListen: Reach us at: Powered By Mediacorp.


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