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Title:Ultimate Beginners Guide to Using Electric Motors for Makers and DIY Projects; #068

An introduction to motor types, power, and references to how to wire, speed control, and use all the common types of motors with a focus on reusing motors salvaged from appliances and other sources. Steppers, BLDC, PMDC, single and three phase, universal motors, and more If you want to chip in a few bucks to support these projects and teaching videos, please visit my Patreon page or Buy Me a Coffee. Social media Instagram Twitter My websites My other channel - Fatherhood engineered ************************************ Notes: One Playlist with all the videos. R#1 Introduction to Gears (Beginning of Video) R#2 Using Pulleys R#3 How Single phase motors Work R#4 Wiring Single phase motors R#5a Single phase Speed control problems part 1 R#5b Speed control problems part 2 R#6 How 3 phase motors work R#7 Run 3 phase on Single phase R#8 How Universal motors work R#9 How to wire Universal or DC motors R#10 How DC motors work R#11 The treadmill speed controller R#12 How Steppers work, and Using them with Arduino R#13 Intro to Motors and BLDC motors Bonus 1: How to reverse your motors direction Bonus 2: Motor video library project. FAQ from the comments 1. What do you do with all the motors? You might be new here, but nearly every project on my channel has an electric motor in it. I love making things that move. Also I create teaching videos (like the one you just watched), so I am looking to collect as many different motor types as I can find, then create videos about how they work and how to use them. Check out bonus 2 from the references above. 2. Can you make a generator/windmill/ etc with these motors? Check out my series on the generator project. You will learn a great deal there. 3. Which motors can you use in a go kart? I have a series of videos about my electric go kart. Technical corrections Nothing yet. Final Note: PLEASE UNDERSTAND...I receive hundreds of messages on all platforms (email, Facebook, comments etc) asking for advice, and help with projects. At this volume, I simply can't do one on one advice.


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