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Title:We're Captured by Caveman Smurfs! @TheSmurfsEnglish

When Blossom accidentally knocks Smurfette into a barrel of manure, she is so mortified that she asks Handy's help. The latter invents a time machine so she can go back and fix her blunder. But another blunder sends Blossom and Handy all the way back to prehistoric times, where a monkey steals their time travel cuckoo clock… Watch More Videos ► Subscribe Here ► Instagram ► @smurfsoffcial Facebook ► @SmurfOfficial Twitter ► Smurfs GIPHY ► Visit Our Website ► Smurfs Business ► Wikipedia ► The Smurfs YouTube ► Thanks for all your support, liking the video is always appreciated! The Smurfs This series follows the adventures of the Smurfs, little blue creatures who live in a peaceful village and try to outwit the evil Gargamel. Produced by Peyo Productions, Dupuis Edition & Audiovisual In co-production with Kika, Ketnet, RTBF and Les Cartooneurs Associés With the participation of TF1 Produced by Véronique Culliford Executive Producers: Nele De Wilde, Caroline Duvochel, Caroline Audebert Associated Producers: Maïa Tubiana, Brigitte Ickmans In collaboration with: Sebastien Debertin, Tina Debertin, Yann Labasque, Telidja Klai, Paola Acosta Line Producer: Fabien Coulon Production Managers : François Deglain, Lorin Horwitz Original Score: Brad Breeck Theme Song adaptation: Brad Breeck and Justin Bates Creative Directors: Luc Parthoens, Tom Cosijn Literary Bible and Writing Directors: Peter Saisselin and Amy Serafin Co-writing Director: Mélina Masó Sarrat THE SMURFS By Peyo Director: William Renaud Smurfs Kids App ►


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