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Title:Top 10 Phoebe’s Worst Dates | Central Perk | Friends

Before Mike Hannigan Phoebe dates different guys. Some of them were pretty nice, others weird or annoying. This is a ranking of Phoebe''s worst dates. All of them are shown in the best traditions of sitcom “Friends”. Even the most fucked up situations Phoebe Buffay perceives with humor and self-irony. Top 8 Ross' Wortst Dates - Top 8 Monica's Worst Dates - Top 10 Chandler's Worst Dates - Top 8 Joey's Worst Dates - Top 7 Rachel's Wost Dates - The Rank of Phoebe's worst dates. 10th place. Phoebe was married to Duncan. But it was not a real marriage. They got married so Duncan could get a green card, and also Phoebe thought that her fake husband was gay. Once, a man asked Phoebe to give him divorce. It turned out that he was not gay and decided to marry. 9th place. Phoebe meets two guys at the same time: a brutal firefighter and a cute teacher. She likes them both very much. She can not make a choice with whom to build a relationship. The two guys end up making it for her when they meet each other. 8th place. Phoebe meets a restaurant Inspector Larry at Monica's work. He invites her on a date. Everything is going well until Larry closes several restaurants. At first, Phoebe even liked it. But then she worries that her boyfriend would close her favorite cafes. 7th place. Phoebe's dates with Roger, who worked as a psychiatrist, were not the best either. He explained to each of the friends what the problem was. Because of that they all hated him. Soon Phoebe joined them. 6th place. Phoebe met Monica's sous chef - Tim. They liked each other. Tim asked Phoebe out on a date. He became very intrusive and annoying. Their relationship did not last long. 5th place. Phoebe is dating a sport guy. Everything is good except for one small detail. Robert has wide shorts and everyone can see everything under them. Friends tell Phoebe about it. She tries to gently hint at this moment to Robert. Only Gunther asks Robert to put the mouse back in the house. 4th place. Phoebe dates a very cheerful and energetic guy named Parker. From the first minutes, he annoys all her friends. But Phoebe supports Parker and his love of life. Soon the guy starts to annoy her too. 3rd place. Phoebe prophesied herself on tea leaves that she would meet the guy of her dreams. And so it happened. Only the guy turned out to be a complete disappointment. 2nd place. At a Halloween party, Phoebe met her twin sister Ursula's fiancé. Phoebe really liked Eric. It turned out that Ursula was deceiving him in almost everything. Phoebe revealed the deception to Eric. After a while, she herself began to meet with him, but nothing came of it. 1st place. Phoebe dstesy with a policeman. Relations develop rapidly and Garry offers to move in together. Phoebe agrees. Phoebe dumped Harry because he shoots a bird outside the window in the morning. 00:00 - Intro. 00:10 - Phoebe's Date with her fake husband Duncan. 02:24 - Phoebe dates two guys: Jason And Vince. 05:36 - Phoebe's Date with Larry, the restaurant Inspector. 08:04 - Phoebe dates Roger, a psychiatrist. 11:06 - Phoebe's Date with Tim, Monica’s sous chef. 15:12 - Phoebe's Date with "nuts" Robert. 18:35 - Phoebe's Date with energetic Parker. 22:04 - Phoebe's Date with the Ph.D. guy - Jim Nelson. 25:43 - Phoebe dates Ursula's ex-fiance - Eric. 30:18 - Phoebe's Date with policeman Garry. #friends #phoebebuffay #Phoebeandseanpenn #Lisakudrow #PhoebeandTimMonica’sSousChef


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