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Title:Limerence For Someone Who Rejected You IS a Form of Avoidance

🟢 *Order My New Book, RE-REGULATED:* *Come See Me In Person! Workshops in US, UK:* *Do You Have CPTSD?* Take the QUIZ: FREE COURSE: *The Daily Practice*: Website: *** Your mind plays tricks on you when you fall in love with a long-distance loner who says flat out they don’t want a relationship. This absent character, present only as an electronic voice or a digital image but never as a real person at your side who loves you -- ican be the perfect blank canvas for lament fantasies. “If only we could be together…” that’s what the limerent thinks, never doing the math to understand that the person clearly, openly strongly tells you that will never happen. In this video I respond to a letter from a woman who obsesses on an avoidant man, but who is actually avoiding their life? The Signs of Limerence: FREE PDF Download: *** 🟢 *Letters: Want to submit a question for me to answer in a video?* Keep it short, not too explicit, relevant for this audience. 🟢 *Become a Member!* Access ALL my courses, webinars, group coaching & online community 🟢 Take My Online course: *Healing Childhood PTSD* 🟢 *How I Recently Lost 27 Pounds:* 🟢 *Change Trauma-Driven Dating Patterns* Online course: Dating & Relationships for People with CPTSD 🟢 *Learn to Heal Dysregulation* Online course: Dysregulation Bootcamp 🟢 *Heal Isolation and Build Better Relationships* Online course: Connection Bootcamp 🟢 *Coaching Programs & LIVE Calls with Anna* 🔹 NEW Coaching Program for DATING: Apply Now: 🔹 8-Week Coaching Intensive for Healing CPTSD Symptoms: 🔹 Join LIVE Webinars with My Team and Me: 🟢 *PARTNERS/RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS* (I receive commissions on referrals & recommend services I know and trust) 🔹 *Is Carb Sensitivity Sabotaging Your Energy and Weight? Take the Quiz:* 🔹 *NEED ONLINE THERAPY?* BetterHelp can connect you with a licensed, online therapist: 🔹 *Try MUSE Headband to Calm Your Mind:*


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