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Title:A friend Is Friend No More | Vijay Pandey Exclusive Bollywood Story Based On Shankar Jaikishan

Download KUKUFM Download link - Coupon code - GMV50 (Coupon valid for first 250 Users)4:39 to 5:23 of "rain" Romantic music of "Barsaat" Which, starting in 1949, kept music lovers immersed in the joy of music for the next two decades. Such a musical craft was composed by mixing melody and used It was, which had raised the music of Hindi cinema to the height of popularity. where hindi film music was given a separate identity. Hindi film songs were brought on the tongue of the people.It is not that friends, Hindi songs and Hindi film music were not being used. S.D Burman sir, High class actors like Khemchand, Ghulam Ahmed, Anil Biswas and Naushad Sahab... There is a long list of musicians. who were working at their peak during that period. The music of Hindi cinema would never be complete without these names. This was the time when music and songs were introduced in Hindi cinema from SD Burman to Naushad Sahab. were traditionally used In whose music, in whose songs there is diversity and novelty There was a lack There was classicalism in his songs.Ravindra Sangeet had a long tradition and by the magic of Sehgal sahib There was a rush to come out. It was not that his songs were weak.. His music was weak. No There was nothing like this. His use of music was not going deep into the heart of the audience. Their The songs were not coming on the tongue of the audience and the listeners.Music of Hindi cinema in the direction of change, was moving forward without informing anyone. In the heat of hard work, the clouds of melodious music started hovering. just There was some time left In 1949, Mehboob Khan's film Andaz, the owner of the big banner of that time. was also released in the same year. Mehboob Khan Naushad after the release of Raj Kapoor's 'Barsaat'Hindi film music..Hindi film songs outside the Indian border Made famous and also know how was the film journey of those musicians? but before that Let's listen to the refreshing song of the musician who had embellished Hindi songs in a different color.Hindi film songs about evergreen composer duo. in which your With simplicity, and fresh songs, he reigned for 20 years. You must have understood that we are talking are | Composer Jodi Shankar, who flagged off superhit songs in his debut film in 1949 About Jaikishan | But friends, this journey was not so easy, for Shankar JaikishanJaikishan is a very famous anecdote. Raj Kapoor composer Shankar during "Barsaat" - Jaikishan, lyricist Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri teamed up. who ever decided Will not do any work separately without the other, but Shankar-Jaikishan forgot this promise and South Shailendra came to know about this when he started doing a film. Shailendra,Shankar-Jaikishan on Shailendra, Hasrat Jaipuri reached K's house, both were not at home, wrote something on a paper in Shailendra and gave it to the servant, from there Gone | Later in Raj Kapoor among these people sulha kayri | Shankar-Jaikishan for the film Rangoli Asked to make a song, Shankar-Jaikishan replied with alacrity..You have given us the face of the song..The rest You give us the next words. Shailendra was shocked.when Shailendra And Hasrat Jaipuri had gone to Shankar-Jaikishan's house when he wrote this and gave it to the servant and thatShankar-Jaikishan's success skyrocketedAnger swallows everything up. This is what happens with this pair. Shankar Singh Raghuvanshi, Jaikishan Panchal never forgave this mistake and this mistake was made by the unwritten agreement between the two. considered infringement. As a result, Shankar Singh started promoting the singer "Sharda". done | The song that Jaikishan wanted Lata Mangeshkar to sing, Shankar to Sharda Used to lose But then the evergreen couple caught sight of someone. Shankar-Jaikishan, this among themselves The matter was settled.. He would never, ever, tell anyone who among us made the tune. It was written in the paper "Sometimes you will meet.. Somewhere you will meet.. It is small.. The film "Rangoli"For the wonderful evergreen duo of melodious music To say any kind of exaggeration of his songs..diminish the respect of his melodious music. will be With all our respect, we say goodbye to melodious musician Shankar-Jaikishan Jaikishan Dayabhai Panchal was born on November 4, 1929 in Vansda, Bansda State, British India. He is known for Deadpool (2016), Suraj (1966) and Chori Chori (1956). He died on September 12, 1971 in Bombay, Maharashtra, India. See full bio » Born: November 4, 1929 in Vansda, Bansda State, British India Died: September 12, 1971 (age 41) in Bombay, Maharashtra, India,Born: October 15, 1922 in Hyderabad, Hyderabad State, British India Died: April 26, 1987 (age 64) in Bombay, Maharashtra, India • SPECIAL THANKS TO DHEERAJ BHARDWAJ JEE (DRAMA SERIES INDIAN), THANKS FOR WATCHIN GOLDEN MOMENTS WITH VIJAY PANDEY Special Thanks To Arvind Pathak


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